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SGT’s Foundation Day Celebrated with Splendour and Show

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step…..

Wise men say that all glory; all splendour in life is achieved by the courage to begin. This is how we began, our story unfolded. We are Shree Guru Gobind Singh Tricentenary University also known as SGT University.

 This 24th January 2019 we celebrated our 6th Foundation Day.  It was in the year 2013 that by Act No. 8 of Haryana Private Universities (Amendment) Act, SGT University came into existence. SGT University since then has crossed several bridges and has many miles yet to cover.

 Talking about our 6th Foundation Day, it was an event full of pomp and show. Some important happenings made this day memorable.  The Faculty of Engineering and Technology, for instance, organised a ‘Drone’ flying competition titled ‘War of the Wings’.  This event was one of its first kinds to be organised within SGT premises.  Drones flew high and the whole event was quite a spectacle.  When one of the drones showered flowers on the spectators, everyone rejoiced and shouted in joy. Another drone hoisted the SGT flag. The event altogether was quite a crowd puller.

A Felicitation ceremony was also organised in which schools from Delhi-NCR region were honoured and shown gratitude for their contribution to the field of education and their endeavours in creating scholars. This was a small step of encouragement shown by SGT for their efforts in building a better society and a stronger nation.

The arrival of Dr Jaspal Singh, erstwhile Diplomat and former Vice-Chancellor of Punjabi University, was one of the highlights of the Foundation Day. Dr Jaspal Singh Ji enlightened us with a lecture on the life, times and teachings of Shree Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He delivered an interesting speech in which he recited several couplets of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He in his speech elaborated how Guru Gobind Singh Ji in spite of several hardships kept fighting for injustice.  He saw his whole family perish for its fight against injustice.  He saw his young kids die for the nation and its people and yet he didn’t diverge from the path of justice and equality of all. In his speech, Dr Jaspal Singh remarked that Guru Gobind Singh Ji was nothing sort of a pioneer and a visionary of sorts for what he said and did were way ahead of his times.  The whole speech was inspirational and Dr Jaspal’s oratory skills made it even more interesting.

 This is how Founder’s Day came to a close and it was an event marked with the flow of thoughts, nurturing of values, and creation of ideas.  SGT hopes to continue the good work and forge on the path of growth and prosperity in the future too.

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