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Immunity Boosting Diet & Healthy lifestyle

Immunity is a complex and redundant system that requires all nutrients for proper functioning. One of the factors that affect natural resistance is nutrition.

Role of proper nutriment’s in immune system functions can’t be undermined, however seemingly healthy our nourishment is. The dietary factors that cause harm to immunity functions are either deficient intake of macronutrient \elements (fat, carbohydrate and protein) or deficiency in some specific micronutrient elements (vitamin, mineral and water).

Balanced nutrition, especially inadequate protein intake vitamin and mineral enhance the resistance against infections. It is essential to have adequate and balanced nutrition for healthy growth and developments.

Every individual should have an adequate and balanced diet with a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals in order to have a functional immune system. Micronutrients have the properties to help the body in fighting against a variety of illnesses and protect the body from damage to cells. Many foods contain micronutrients that promote, enhance and regulate the immune system.
Some nutritional elements, such as complex carbohydrates, proteins, functional foods, prebiotics, probiotics, antioxidants, iron, copper, selenium, and zinc have special benefits on immunity functions.
It has been proved that fresh fish, fruits, dark green leafy and other vegetables, cinnamon, nuts,mushrooms, garlic, black pepper, ginger, honey, herbal teas, omega 3 fatty acids (plentifully available in salmon, mackerel flaxseed, legumes, and walnuts.) yogurt and seaweed , stimulate the T-cells and other immune cells.

Provision of these nutritional elements through natural foods will prevent a person from the side effects of overuse.

Weight-loss programs, in which less than 1200 kilocalorie foods are consumed effect the immunity functions, for this reason, these extremely unhealthy so-called fast weight-loss diets should be avoided.

A healthy immune system lets us feel well, look well and let us use our energy more efficiently.

Remaining away from the stressful factors, approaching life and events positively, keeping away from smoking and drinking, adequate and balanced nutrition and regular exercising are among the supports we can give to our immune system. However, sometimes, these supports become insufficient and we may need some strengthening outsourcing for our immune system.

This support should be preferred through natural nutrients rather than medications. For a proper nourishment program, it is advised to seek professional help from a dietician/nutritionist.

It’s vital to have a balanced diet for strengthening the immune system and reduce the risks of catching infections. Consequently, in order to boost the immune system, reduce the risks of diseases and stay healthy, natural defence system of our organism should be strengthened as detailed above.

Dr Akanksha Yadav
Department of Nutrition & Dietetics, FAHS

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