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Thank God Corona is Here

India as a nation when jolted with Corona, was not the sweet healthy wholesome creamy bowl of milk that got inadvertently curdled by accidental add of a cup of lemon juice. Although this was an incident that made a roaring entry into the pages of history, for the world, definitely with disastrous consequences, Indians may finally remember and presently treat it is as one of the troubles in the long list, few of the constituents of which are exclusive for us.

At least Corona is not one of them, it was shared between all, in the world, irrespective of being the third world (third class?), developing (forever), brown or whatever prejudices, we as a nation have become accustomed to. This Virus actually has opened a new world of realization for us as a nation, a society, a family, and an individual.

As a nation, we have created an image of ourselves so low and substandard that even our goals to progress would be to become like one of our western neighbours. Have you ever heard of – the newly developed suburbs of Gurugram is so good that it looks almost like Europe!! Why such reluctance to give credit to ourselves. This is an era to shorten the gap. All the money, infrastructure, and manufacturing capacities were found lacking, with the realization that probably there is nothing forever.

How surprising is the ubiquitous presence of the single objective of parents, Indian education system, and society at large for their children, which is – to make them learned enough to finally get different citizenship, even at a cost of not seeing them ever again! One of my friends will repeatedly introduce the youngest son being so “useless” that he could nor go and work abroad, of course not giving any credit for being with the oldies at times of sickness and calamities like, say… COVID! What made them move back, during the pandemic in such large numbers? Wasn’t one of the reasons for them being there was the better capacity of their preferred nation to fight such rough patches. The virus has made people realize why earlier or maybe still in a few places people prefer to live in joint families and what is the importance of the institution of Marriage. The real difference between “globalization” and being “self-reliant”. Does globalization always have an element of loss of self-reliance? There is a difference between “Need” and “Creation of market.”

Is the word Marketing, all about the ability to sell a product to someone who actually doesn’t need it? If this is untrue how is the world’s economy going into catastrophe while all individuals are still consuming their necessities? Is the word “Development” actually an ethical coat for “How to extract more from nature to fulfill the created needs”. Many predict the future world will have lesser trades and movements between different parts of the world, so we should try to become self-sufficient for our needs (basic- right). Does that only mean, to produce all that you need by yourself or there is some element of the concept that you never required “That Thing” from the other end of the world, so stop considering it as your need? And to clear up those doubts here is a trial of survival with lockdown, thanks to Corona.

Wasn’t “Happiness” was misquoted as “Development” which was further defined by all “Created needs”. Isn’t COVID era is the time to realize the actual happiness is probably having more of family life, the payback time for the oldies, perusing all that you couldn’t due to lack of time, spend time for your fitness and spiritual health, work from home – which actually never required to travel 3 hours a day to reach a hired space, to be able to help someone in need, to talk to friends and relatives with all the time in hand. That is to find the contentment and peace of mind as a perfect recipe for happiness rather than an increase in salary that we longed for. How else but the presence of Corona would have made us realize this, maybe this is the way Mother Nature teaches us a lesson. Thank God Corona is here…

Dr. Supriya Gupta
Assistant  Professor
Department of Shalya Tantra
Faculty of Indian Medical System
SGT University

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