Women Periodontists: true icons of Women empowerment

Women Periodontists: true icons of Women empowerment

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Women Periodontists: true icons of Women empowerment

From being asked “where’s the doctor” to being considered totally incompetent, women dentist have faced it all. In a country where female education is considered a part of getting a good match, young female periodontists are leaving a mark. Their footsteps if followed will give a true sense to women empowerment in India. Women empowerment is not about superiority, it is not about getting benefits over men but being equal. Getting same respect as male doctors is a big task in India.

Women empowerment refers to creation of an environment for women where they can make decisions of their own for their personal benefits as well as for the society. Do we provide such an environment for female dentist, are female dentists really empowered?

Women dentist today are not limiting themselves to graduation but are pursuing post graduate courses too. In SGT’s Department of Periodontology there are more females doing postgraduate course than males. Pursuing higher education sets women free, as they get freedom to achieve their dreams, be independent and more importantly take decisions. Taking clinical decisions in a way broadens her view of things and helps her gain confidence which further helps her in personal life. After all, if females can decide somebody else’s fate, why can’t they decide their own.

But apart for educating the females we also need to incorporate confidence building and leadership training into our curriculum. Sometimes a little push is just what is needed to make someone more confident. Gender biases in India are such that it is thought women cannot be both, ‘a good women’ and ‘a good leader’ at the same time. Feminine traits of a woman go against the qualities of a good leader and a fierce women is not an ideal women in India. We at SGT are breaking such stereotypes.

On academic front too, females are leading in our department, yes we enjoy a majority! While it may be difficult to gulp down for some, but we do take independent decisions and are well supported by our male staff members. Our abilities are not judged based on our gender but on our brains. He are given administrative responsibilities too (yes we are considered capable enough) without doubting our competency.

Many of us are clinicians too and manage a balance between work, home and clinic very well. The zeal of being best at work doesn’t in any way reduce the zeal to be a best home maker too. Many of us are working out that balancing act very well and I say we are very proud of it.

But apart from these success stories such as ours, barriers remain. Female dentist in India have far less probability of owning their own practice than male. Owning a clinic is considered a ‘male’ thing. We need to change this perspective. When female can be good practioners why can’t they own a clinic. These days, females are being given more opportunities by the government to be an entrepreneur. Let us also float in this tide of independence, let u also open our own dream clinics, to manage with our wishes, to be the “BOSS”.

Barriers still remain in dentistry, female dentists are still under represented in dental organizations and leadership roles but we have come far from where we started. Times are changing, so is the mindset. The days of assuming the doctor is a man are diminishing, and the role of women in dentistry is a trend that will continue to grow. The distance is far, the road is rocky, but we will achieve what we want for nothing can break determination of a woman. Let us be the icons of change, let us lead the world, let us BE THE CHANGE.


Dr Veenu Madaan Hans,


Department of Periodontology,

Faculty of Dental Sciences, SGT University

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