A career in Law, without being a Lawyer

Pursuing a career in law is in great demand today. The legal profession is not only intellectually satisfying and financially rewarding it is also very adventurous and exciting. The role of lawyers has evolved and expanded over the years.
With the advent of globalization and liberalization, rapid changes in the social, economic, political and cultural aspects of the society have created a great demand for legal professionals. This increase in demand is not only for lawyers who join the bar but for lawyers who would help to serve a variety of core and non-core legal functions. Thus today lawyers are required in the corporate sector as in house counsels, who advise on legal matters relating to the businesses. These in-house counsels play an important role in drafting, vetting, and negotiating contracts.
Further, in-house counsels are also required in multi-national companies, private companies, private banks, government agencies, public sector undertakings, public and nationalized banks, etc. Besides many lawyers can join law firms which are engaged in the practice of law. In such firms, there are several lawyers who work together as one entity. They advise clients about their rights and the legal recourse that they can take if required.
In addition to the above lawyers are required to work for NGOs on various socio-legal issues that impact the vulnerable sections of the society. Many law graduates can have a very meaningful career in this field. Joining the judicial services as judges and the civil services as administrative officers are other challenging professions available to the law graduates.
Academia is one area which is expanding considerably in the present times. After obtaining a law degree, a law student may also pursue higher studies and join legal educational institutions. Working with the media is a very challenging proposition today. This field opens wide opportunities for young lawyers to work as legal correspondents.
In a nutshell, as the society develops and grows more and more legal professionals will be required in specialized fields, such as environmental law, intellectual property law, constitutional law, family law, property law, arbitration law, mediation law, etc.

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