SGT University is glad to be associated with Binawan Institute of Health Sciences (BIHS), Indonesia to impart advanced skills to the students of Faculty of Physiotherapy, School of Nursing, School of Nutrition & Dietetics, and School of Medical Laboratory Technology.

Established in 2001, Binawan Institute of Health Sciences (BIHS) is at the forefront of nursing and healthcare education in Southeast Asia. Located in the centre of Jakarta, Indonesia. The worldwide demand for professional nurses is huge, with many Western countries experiencing critical shortages. At the same time, Indonesia has an over-supply of nurses, but many are under-qualified as per the international healthcare community. BIHS is, through international partnerships with a growing number of prestigious Western universities and years of facility and staff development, leading the way in Indonesia towards rectifying this situation.

Under this association, SGT University students will have an opportunity to get trained at par with international standards and grab a career opportunity outside India as well.

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