SGT University, Gurugram and CISCO are glad to enter into an association to offer CISCO network academy program with a wide range of valuable internet technology skills through CCNA and CCNP to educate and train the students in the campus in the highly employable IT skills on Internet networking skills.

The learning acquired by the students will also benefit the corporations in the state that face a shortage of skilled IT personnel and this obviates their need to recruit foreign talents.

  • According to 66% of managers, a Cisco certification improves the overall level of service and support offered to IT end users and customers.
  • Organizations with 40 – 55% certified team members perform well above the average.
  • Cisco certification increases customer satisfaction because trained employees have a better understanding of how to deal with issues and solve them with a higher success rate.
  • According to 75% of managers, Cisco certifications are important for better team performance.

Through this association, SGT University students will become globally accepted certified networking professionals.

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