UNESCO Bioethics unit of SGT University was established on 30th June 2017 affiliated to the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics at Haifa, Israel with the aim to advance the education of Bioethics in terms of soliciting conceptual changes in medical faculties, preparing modern integrated curriculum for ethical education, training faculty about the ethical principles and development of modern educational tools and materials.

The UNESCO Bioethics Programme was created in 1993. It belongs to UNESCO’s ethics of science and technology programmeThe Programme has developed four main action areas: Intellectual Forum, Standard-setting action, Advisory role and capacity-building and Education and awareness raising

The student wing of the Bioethics unit shall be established to spread awareness about the bioethical principles among the fellow students and the masses. The Bioethics unit shall be conducting specific courses and lectures, seminars for professional communities and the public as well and shall also be pursuing research in the concerned field.

At the university level, the UNESCO Chairs in Bioethics facilitate regional cooperation between universities and UNESCO in bioethics education. UNESCO also identifies universities that offer bioethics education in order to foster exchanges, in particular by connecting them with the Network of Institutions for Medical Ethics Education (NIMED).

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