• Every student shall aspire to achieve 100% attendance in all the lectures, tutorials and practicals and participate in seminars arranged in the Department/Constituent Units and events organized at the Institution/University level during the programme.
  • To account for contingencies such as prolonged illness, accidents, a tragedy in the family etc., a relaxation up to a maximum of 25% can be granted.
  • The attendance requirement for appearing examinations shall be a minimum of 75% of the classes actually held in each course unit separately.
  • A student with less than 75% of attendance in the lectures, seminars and practicals, separately in each course-unit, shall be detained from appearing in the examinations of relevant course unit(s).
  • If a student remains absent from his/her classes for a continuous period of seven working days without any valid reason, medical or otherwise, his/her name shall be struck off the rolls of the University department /constituent college concerned irrespective of the fact that he/she has paid his/her dues in part or full. However, the student may be re-admitted with the permission of the Dean of Faculty concerned on payment of such fee as prescribed for the purpose from time to time in addition to arrears of fee, if any, provided that the Dean of Faculty is satisfied that if re-admitted, the student will not fall short of requisite percentage of attendance/lectures etc.