Artificial intelligence- Future of Education Through a New Spectrum

“We want to stand at the intersection of computers and humanism” – (Steve Jobs)

Who can forget those days when one time or the other we complained about our school teachers being partial to some particular kids? We called them the teacher’s pets. Didn’t we? School years are made of these bitter sweet memories.

However, Artificial intelligence or AI is about to change all that. So, what is AI exactly? Well, Google defines it as that arena of computer science that deals with creation of intelligent machines that work like human beings. In the recent times, AI is making necessary changes in our present education scenario. Education system is being redefined by ever changing technology.

A teacher is assigned with the task of handling each and every child in a class and it is a difficult responsibility. But, assisted by AI this difficult task becomes easy. AI technology has the capacity to handle vast array of work. It therefore, becomes important for students to understand this technology and for educationist and teachers to incorporate this technology in their curriculum.

How does it work?

Machine learning tools can manage data easily. It can detect errors and frauds. AI algorithm can be used for scoring purpose and reaching full proof results. It can be used in making complex calculations, and creating scenario based simulations. It briefly put is a very feasible machine learning tool which when combined with human efforts can lead to impeccable outcome.

Future of AI in education sector

Sceptics believe that AI will take over human beings. Others believe that AI is not full proof mainly because of the fact that it doesn’t have human emotions and lacks emotional quotient.

However, AI specialists beg to differ. Artists such as painters, for example, are trying to explore and exploit AI for co creating artworks. Also, statistics are also in favour of AI. For instance, in the US while on one hand 16% of jobs were lost to machine technology; on the other hand 13.6 million were created the previous year. Also, in the education sector, AI can soon read human expressions too.

Human element in teaching is going to stay. We need to restructure our self. By incorporating AI and AI related tools in our education sector, we can change ourselves and reinvent ourselves. And as they say ’Change is only constant’; this is one change that will create a better future for all of us.

By Gurpreet Singh Tuteja
Pro-Vice Chancellor
SGT University

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