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Attendance & Leave

  • All the residents are expected to be in their rooms by the time fixed by the Warden. At present this time is 9:15 PM. Those who are out after the fixed time will be marked absent. Hostel residents shall show their Identity Card if so required by any officer of the University at any time.
  • Hostel residents are required to take permission/leave for leaving the hostel. On working days, no leave from the hostel will be granted unless the student has obtained written permission from the Dean of Faculty/concerned Director.
  • All applications must bear the details of the student. i.e. student’s name, roll number, Hostel Block, Room/Dormitory Number, and date.
  • Coming late from an outing or being absent for the night will be considered a Serious Offence & on repeating the offence three times, the prescribed fine shall be levied.
  • All students returning after leave should be back to the hostel by 08:00 PM.
  • In case of any emergency e.g. sudden illness, death in the family or serious accident, etc. permission will be granted immediately.
  • In case a room-mate is absent after 10:00 PM without leave of absence, and without message, the matter shall be reported immediately by the other room-mate to the Warden or a Senior Staff member in the campus. If any student is found missing from the room during a spot check at night the warden will hold the room-mate responsible for not reporting the absence.
  • Students involved in any brawl/fight will attract serious disciplinary action. Such cases are to be brought to the notice of the authorities immediately. In case of any brawl/fight or any attempt to assault, the offender will be handed over to police and expelled from the hostel immediately.
  • Hostel residents need advance permission for any celebrations (of birthday etc.) which would be normally permitted only up to 9:00 PM.
  • Students are allowed to play music in their rooms only till 10 PM. Playing loud music is not permitted at any time.
  • Students are not permitted to change their rooms without permission of the hostel warden.
  • If lights, fans and air conditioners are not switched off when no one is in the room, a fine will be assessed and all the occupants will be liable for the fine.
  • Students are not expected to shout, scream or make any noise that may disturb other students.
  • All Students must inform the officer in charge when going to home on home leave, and leave a contact telephone number and address.
  • Cooking and Eating in the room is not permitted. Use of electrical appliances like heater, heating rods etc. is not permitted. In case of default, offender’s appliances may be confiscated and a fine may be imposed.


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