Basant Utsav 2021

Basant Utsav: Begin 2021 with Vibrant Aroma of Flowers

2020, a year full of unprecedented situations that have shaken our lives and given a twist to our life upside down daily routine. At the same time but it taught us some important valuable lessons. These lessons change our outlook towards this materialistic world. Every domain got affected and but contributed as well to fight COVID-19. Education is has not only provided us a means to learn how to earn bread to a livelihood but it also makes also made us more efficient to fight for life with our skills and knowledge in every possible manner.

SGT University is one of the most prominent names in the world of education in Delhi NCR that not only provided education during lockdown times but also contributed to the treatment of sick, fed migrant people, prepared PPE Kits, psychological counseling, and moreover organized webinars to provide information to people from around the world.

Now when life is coming back on track, so we are we!!! And we are ready with a bang to show the world that SGTians are ready with full-on positivity and high energy. We have started 2021 with smiling faces and hues of hope. Whilst the chilling vibes are saying goodbye we are ready to welcome a new wave of the season with Basant Utsav. SGT University organizes BasantUtsav every year with a flowers show. Our students under the guidance and supervision of our faculty members decorate the university campus with beautiful and colorful flowers and plants. This fest rejuvenates our souls to start the year with positivity and enthusiasm. It is the time of the year when nature blooms with vibrant colors and welcomes the spring season known as Falgun.

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SGT University is organizing Basant Utsav 2021 with great zeal and passion, this year Basant Utsav is the starting of new life with new hopes. We have embraced the theme of Nationalism and everything at the Utsav is created by taking inspiration a cue from Indian symbols. These imaginations have canvassed our aim and dedication.  Inspired by the  We have fabricated our devised thoughts of national symbols such as lotus flower, peacock, mango, national emblem, and all other national symbols beautiful creations have been designed. It is the imagination and creative thoughts of our students that they have created the best picture of India where a farmer is carrying a Plough.

SGTians at the BasantUtsav 2021 has also set-up some stalls where students from the Faculty of Fashion and Design have exhibited their creative handmade items such as paintings, dresses, and showpieces. Let the color and incense of flowers fragrant your life with happiness keeping this spirit in mind Faculty of Agriculture have come up with different kinds of stalls that comprise flowery plants, succulents, planters, and seeds for various plants. Also, they have a wide range of planters available in various dimensions.

Students from the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management have set-up a stall to satiate the tummies of the tourist. This fest is bringing the students together with several competitions. Also, students from various departments have prepared dances, songs, and other performances such as nukkadnatak to make the surroundings soothing and positive and on to the entertainment.

Basant Utsav is celebrated at the premises of SGT University with great fervor and utmost dignified manner and to add on to the celebrations. Our chief guests who have anointed the fest with their presence and their words paved the path for our students to achieve desired footboards in life.

With the inauguration of Basant Utsav 2021, SGT University has paced towards a new wave of life and energy. We are celebrating this fest to bring positivity and energy back to the campus. Time has come again to enjoy and start a new year with lots of enjoyment and great zeal.

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