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A brief Introduction to the Role of Lawyers in Shaping the Society 

Law is not just a source of livelihood or a professional degree which empowers an individual to earn a good life. In fact, Law is more of a noble profession; perhaps, it is more noble than any of the other social science or science disciplines. To reach to this conclusion about the place of Law in our society, we must understand the development of Law and the pride of place it commands in our life.

First, Lawyers were at the forefront of Indian Independence Movement. Our Constituent Assembly was a “Lawyer’s Paradise”. The English education, the command over the noble principles of Liberty, Equality and Justice and the sense of attachment to the Rule of Law made lawyers more suitable in the framing of the Indian Constitution.

Second, even every other freedom fighter since the Revolt of 1857 was fighting for the independence of the country, which they demanded as a legal measure. Thus, law was and always is seen as the surest way to achieve protection for any rights of any individual.

Third, the most precious thing in everyone’s life is his or her life itself, along with a decent existence and its possibility. It is the lawyer who defends the life and liberty of a person before even the State or the Executive. In this  sense, lawyer is the only person who ensures that every member of the society have opportunity to live life in the most desirable way.

Fourth, Law is one of those subjects which is associated with every other subject. Lawyers plead in cases involving intellectual property, property, motor vehicles, medical services, tax matters, criminal proceedings, civil suits, family, etc. Hence, when any person of the society seeks Justice, he approaches a lawyer.

Thus, Law is the only institution in the society which never denies protection to any person in need and it never steps back in punishing the guilty, even though it may be the Executive.Such is the nobility of Law that it also provides protection against Law itself through provisions like appeals, review petition, etc. In fact, science empowers the human civilization, whereas social science educates about the various ways in which the fruits of such empowerment must be distributed to all. Law, just ensures that no one is suffering in this entire process. For this, Law grows from time to time in order to accommodate the changing demands of the society. For example, the principles of Sustainable Development, Polluter Pay, Legal Aid, etc were incorporated in Law to make order in a ever developing and somewhat disordered society.

For Law to fulfill all such functions, Lawyers are indispensable. The term lawyer is perhaps inappropriate here, because, anyone who have a training in Law is indispensable to Law and its functioning. Thus, Lawyers, Judges, Law Teachers, Law Officers, Legal Advisors, etc are those persons who help Law in making the society more suitable to live in. And as a matter of fact, all such persons are sculpted out from the Law Student.

In order for the student to develop an empowered mind, he or she must have proper training in the field of law. The student life is the formative stage in one’s life, and the kind of exposure and the quality of legal training the student receives decides not only his or her fate, but also the fate of law. Hence, proper training in the legal field is necessary. In this case, not only a good professional training is a must, but the overall character of the students must also be groomed so that they can dutifully serve their society, country and the needy in the most appropriate manner. The student must be able go understand and internalize the role of Law in day to day life. When such students are ready to choose their career in any of the sub fields of Law, the society will be benefited. It is such students and such person who makes the life worth living.

Thus, Law not only offers a good economic reward but also paves the way to a better tomorrow. Thus, Legal training at the most foundational stage must involve both professional training in Law as well as education to understand the actual place of Law in a society. For this to happen, the role of a University and its Faculty members become crucial.

In SGT University, Faculty of Law, the Bachelor’s Degree courses are so designed as to serve the demands of the society. These courses enables the students to perform efficiently in an ever competitive and highly paying legal sector. The Master’s and the Doctorate Programs are designed to take the students to a higher phase of Legal learning whereby they are empowered to serve the society in a more fruitful way. The Faculty includes some of the most decorated Law Professors in India. The syllabus is at par with the reputed Universities in  India, and the course materials are prepared by some of the best in the field. The examinations are so timed that enables the students to learn as well as to enjoy leisure. The location of the University makes exposure to the best professionals in the field all the more easy and ensured. All these facilities enables the students to serve the noble profession of Law and also makes them competent to serve efficiently.



Nishit R. Chaki

Assistant Professor Law

Faculty of Law

SGT University.

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