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Role of Mushroom in dress designing with the complete procedure followed

Faculty of Fashion and Design, SGT University presented the designs of garments which were inspired by Mushroom. The idea to append this theme was to promote the use of Khadi in Gandhiji era; we also did the same. The silhouettes of Mushroom like softness, texture, shape, colour, structure were used on the garments. All the garments were made from the Khadi fabric, blends of Khadi like Khadi silk, Khadi muslin etc. It is a versatile fabric cool in summer and warm in winter. Khadi is used for Tropical Indian dresses like Sarees and Kurtis etc. But the innovative thing in the project was that the style was western but the fabric used was Indian. All the dresses were inspired by the Beige color of Mushroom. There were many dresses which were very unique and trending like Shrug and Dhoti Pants. A Ruffle based dress was also there which was made up of Khadi Silk, engraving a special impact on our audience. There was an enormous procedure followed by the team such as brainstorming of the theme at the early stage which later on processed by the boards to depict the theme such as mood board, theme board, color board, client Board and fabric board. Furthermore, specification and working drawing are to be made for the designs after that the procedure for the main product starts; it is followed by the Photo shoot of the garment. Design patents are also equally important in the modern era of plagiarism. The significance of the theme is to Boycott foreign fabric, to balance ecological infrastructure, honouring the spirit of patriotism, protect skin and health from the hazards of synthetics and amalgamation of Indian fabric with western silhouette is a perfect example of the couture garments.