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Bookworm? Visit SGT’s Hi-Tech Library

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…The man who never reads lives only one”. -George R.R. Martin.

We all need a space where we can find our peace of mind away from the daily chaos of life, a place where we can spare some time reading books of our choice without any interruption with all the comforts – SGT University has more than 6 libraries with its central library in C – Block.

Our libraries are fully furnished with all the luxurious amenities to facilitate our students’ comfortable reading. We believe in advancing with this progressively digital world and that’s why we have the automatic book issue machine to exempt the students from standing in long Que.

One of the most highlighted features of our libraries is the book issue sensor alarm which checks if the student is taking the book with them prior issuing it if not then it alarms, asking the student to issue it properly.

With more than 18,000 books, the central library has peaceful sitting areas to relax and read the books. SGT’s campus not just has libraries but also has book cafes such as ENGWINGS as well as TORQUE lab, where a student can relax and enjoy reading. Also, apart from that, every classroom of SGT is digitally equipped for proper as well as digital learning.

One can easily find our student book worming in and around different parks during the evening under the beautiful sky.

Our libraries are specifically designed to have a large number of reading areas along with that a vast range of books covering all academics as well as different areas of interest. We also have a collection of all the journals as well as publications of our meritorious students as well as faculties.

One can have easy access to digital computer labs installed in our libraries for the students. Thus, if you are a bibliophile and want to be glued to books reading interesting stories of fiction or non-fiction you have a lot of space for you to enjoy your reading time in SGT.

Written By:
Ashutosh Kumar Singh
Student of Mass Communication & Media Technology