You are currently viewing ‘Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat’ – SGT University’s trendy cultural diversity celebration event

‘Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat’ – SGT University’s trendy cultural diversity celebration event

SGT University celebrated the cultural diversity of India during a special event – ‘Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat’, keeping the theme of #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav. This cultural competition was organised by the Admission Team of SGT University in association with the Student’s Welfare Office. 

The trendy event saw SGT’s students from different states and cultural backgrounds in India coming together on stage and showcasing their respective cultures through five competitions – Desh Ke Rang NrityaKe Sang (dance competition), Libaas (fashion show), Apna Khana (food competition), Apni Boli Apna Raag (singing competition) and Jano Mera Pradesh (presentation). 

The event celebrated India’s rich cultural heritage and diversity, which was evident on the day through the performances presented by the students representing their states. This event also brought all the students from different faculties with different cultural backgrounds. This event was planned and beautifully executed within a short period with the help of student coordinators working hard to make this event a grand success. 

The venue was beautifully decorated with the theme of tri-colour, representing the true patriotism instilled in the #SGTians. The day started with the lightening of the lamp by the students themselves, followed by the welcome dance. 

Deshke Rang Nrityake Sang (Dance competition)

Folk dances from all the regions of India were presented, like Kathak from Uttar Pradesh, Bharatnatyam from Tamil Nadu, Kalbelia from Rajasthan and many more. The participants also showcased the traditional attires of their respective states in the Fashion show. 

The participants from the State of Bihar showcased one of the most holistic and traditional festivals popularly known as “Chat”. Within a short time, they brought all their emotions and feelings through their performance, which became one of the day’s most memorable moments.


There was also a ramp walk competition where the representatives wearing the traditional attires of their states walked the ramp. For example, the representatives of the states like Telangana & Kerala wore the traditional white Dhoti and Kanjeevaram silk saree. In contrast, the representatives from the State of Jammu & Kashmir wore Pheran, which is the traditional outfit of the State.  

Apna khana 

Not only this, the traditional cuisine of different states was cooked, for example, Litti – chokha from Bihar, Dham from Himachal Pradesh, Shukto from West Bengal, etc. The students prepared the traditional cuisine within the time allotted. Though the time duration was minimal, still the students showcased their best cooking skills. Students also present their respective dishes in front of the judges beautifully. 

Jano Mera Pradesh

Further, each participating State represented itself through a presentation. They described their State’s rich cultural heritage and unique tradition, such as important places with historical significance and the most popular tourist attractions. 

The participants presented a PowerPoint presentation with informative slides supporting their points. The students creatively took the help of poetry and music to represent their states. A panel of two faculty members judged all the competitions alongside a senior student member.

Apni Boli Apna Raag

There was also a singing competition held during the event where the students showcased their singing skills by singing their folk songs which pleased everyone’s ear. 

Online Blogging competition

There was also an online blogging competition where students made blogs about a particular event throughout the day. The student whose video received the highest views and likes was given a cash prize. The students participated in all the above-mentioned competitions and made the event a grand success.

The winners were awarded certificates as well as gift hampers. Not only this, a special lunch for all the participants was also organised by the SGT University. All the students sat together and enjoyed the lunch in each other’s company, which shows the unity and togetherness among SGT students.

Overall, this event was a big success due to the joint efforts of the students and the organising team, which brought the students of different cultural backgrounds together on SGT’s campus. 

The students enjoyed the event thoroughly, and this event brought smiles to everyone’s faces. Keeping the event’s grand success in mind, the University is looking forward to organising many more such events to promote the Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat’.

Ashutosh Kumar Singh
Student of Mass Communication & Media Technology