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My experience at SGT University

Like every student before coming to college, my mind was also full of dreams as whatever we know about college life is through movies or high-school kids’ talks. Still, I knew reality might not be the same, so I brought myself down to earth without any expectation, but I stepped my foot into SGT University with an open mind and an open heart. My experience at SGT University has been mixed. It was not all roses and petals but still not a one that I would miss at any cost. 

During the first week at SGT University, an introductory week, I won one debate competition and applied for a peer mentor for mental health. I gave my introduction to seniors almost four times. Even before the first semester’s exams happened, I was introduced to the major fests of the campus like Diwali fest, Holi fest, and there was no looking back since then.

I have spent more time working on each event which used to happen under the sun on my campus than in my classroom; as a result, I found my purpose in life and the work I am good at but on the other hand, on the regular days, I have to run from one office to another to compile my attendance and submit it to my faculty. 

Even after coming to college almost every day and doing its work, it is not sure that I would be provided with full attendance or I have to submit assignments just before my exams not to get detained, not to say that it was my faculty who introduced me to these events or referred my name for say anchoring in the first place. 

Sometimes I relate to India’s most famous comedian Kapil Sharma. In his recent Netflix special, he revealed that he took part in so many events that he directly failed his first year in college. I’m not sure about my future, but I certainly connect with this as it is tough to manage time between the work you love to do and your studies in which you are clearly not interested. 

If I look at the brighter side, which I should, I could never have imagined the number of opportunities I got from this college to express my talent. From event management and anchoring to writing, I have explored it all. Sometimes, I have paid fees for a degree in one course, but I am getting knowledge of many like media communications, English literature, marketing, etc. 

This all becomes possible due to the encouraging faculty and staff in these fields. Despite not being enrolled in their course, they treat me like their own child and impart knowledge to me with full enthusiasm. 

In my perspective, college is the place where you explore yourself, it is the place that makes you ready to step out in the world, and it is the place where you form friendships for a lifetime. I know a lot of students in my college, and I have made a lot of friends too, but as the ending approach, I’m left with just two friends, and believe me, they are enough for me to conquer everything.

I feel blessed to have such a college where I have literally experienced everything I heard happens in college or saw in the movies.

Written By:
Nikita Joshi
Student of Physiotherapy