You are currently viewing YUGAM 2022 – A highly successful Inter-University Fest of SGT University

YUGAM 2022 – A highly successful Inter-University Fest of SGT University

The youth is considered to be the brightest time of our life. The whole nation’s responsibility is said to be on the shoulders of its youth, and who else than India knows how to celebrate the youth as our country stands as the youngest country in the world with the largest youth population.

People decide to give the most precious years of their life to a college or a university not just to get higher education but to gain experiences of a lifetime.

To enhance their talents and skills, gain practical knowledge, find their purpose in life, find a way of life, make friends for life, build contacts, and build a healthy work culture. All of these things can be acquired in events like inter-university competitions.

Therefore, this year SGT University decided to celebrate the youth like never before by hosting YUGAM 2022. For the first time, students of SGTU with the DSW office organised an inter-university competition from 19th May 2022 to 21st May 2022.

More than 50 universities were invited, and more than 30 competitions were divided across three days. The events included dance, singing, mono act, photography competition, face makeover, etc.

In academics, events included debate, anchoring, business plan, word chain, news reading, etc. While in sports, football, basketball, volleyball, fitness, chess, and tug of war also saw good participation. 

During these three days, the university’s campus was filled with students from various universities like Gurugram University, Manav Rachna University, Jamia Hamdard, etc. The environment was full of youth and exuberance.

The excitement, the curiosity, and the light in the eyes of students were worth witnessing. It seemed like we were not just welcoming students from other universities on our campus during those three days, but it felt like we were welcoming guests in our own homes. From conducting different events to maintaining discipline, Sgtians left no stone unturned in making this fest a great success.