Thank God Corona is Here

India as a nation when jolted with Corona, was not the sweet healthy wholesome creamy bowl of milk that got inadvertently curdled by accidental add of a cup of lemon juice. Although this was an incident that made a roaring entry into the pages of history, for the world, definitely with disastrous consequences, Indians may finally remember and presently treat it is as one of the troubles in the long list, few of the constituents of which are exclusive for us.

At least Corona is not one of them, it was shared between all, in the world, irrespective of being the third world (third class?), developing (forever), brown or whatever prejudices, we as a nation have become accustomed to. This Virus actually has opened a new world of realization for us as a nation, a society, a family, and an individual.

As a nation, we have created an image of ourselves so low and substandard that even our goals to progress would be to become like one of our western neighbours. Have you ever heard of – the newly developed suburbs of Gurugram is so good that it looks almost like Europe!! Why such reluctance to give credit to ourselves. This is an era to shorten the gap. All the money, infrastructure, and manufacturing capacities were found lacking, with the realization that probably there is nothing forever.

How surprising is the ubiquitous presence of the single objective of parents, Indian education system, and society at large for their children, which is – to make them learned enough to finally get different citizenship, even at a cost of not seeing them ever again! One of my friends will repeatedly introduce the youngest son being so “useless” that he could nor go and work abroad, of course not giving any credit for being with the oldies at times of sickness and calamities like, say… COVID! What made them move back, during the pandemic in such large numbers? Wasn’t one of the reasons for them being there was the better capacity of their preferred nation to fight such rough patches. The virus has made people realize why earlier or maybe still in a few places people prefer to live in joint families and what is the importance of the institution of Marriage. The real difference between “globalization” and being “self-reliant”. Does globalization always have an element of loss of self-reliance? There is a difference between “Need” and “Creation of market.”

Is the word Marketing, all about the ability to sell a product to someone who actually doesn’t need it? If this is untrue how is the world’s economy going into catastrophe while all individuals are still consuming their necessities? Is the word “Development” actually an ethical coat for “How to extract more from nature to fulfill the created needs”. Many predict the future world will have lesser trades and movements between different parts of the world, so we should try to become self-sufficient for our needs (basic- right). Does that only mean, to produce all that you need by yourself or there is some element of the concept that you never required “That Thing” from the other end of the world, so stop considering it as your need? And to clear up those doubts here is a trial of survival with lockdown, thanks to Corona.

Wasn’t “Happiness” was misquoted as “Development” which was further defined by all “Created needs”. Isn’t COVID era is the time to realize the actual happiness is probably having more of family life, the payback time for the oldies, perusing all that you couldn’t due to lack of time, spend time for your fitness and spiritual health, work from home – which actually never required to travel 3 hours a day to reach a hired space, to be able to help someone in need, to talk to friends and relatives with all the time in hand. That is to find the contentment and peace of mind as a perfect recipe for happiness rather than an increase in salary that we longed for. How else but the presence of Corona would have made us realize this, maybe this is the way Mother Nature teaches us a lesson. Thank God Corona is here…

Dr. Supriya Gupta
Assistant  Professor
Department of Shalya Tantra
Faculty of Indian Medical System
SGT University

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Future of Education System Amidst Covid 19

We all are fully aware that due to coronavirus pandemic state government across the country temporarily started shutting down schools and colleges. As per the current situation, there is absolute uncertainty as to when colleges and Universities will fully resume their operations.

Certainly, itis a crucial time for the education sector as various entrance tests and competitive exams are held in this period. No doubt that this will impact passing out of students from current courses and intake of students for fresh batches. Conducting Semester end exams for various courses will be a hectic job for college authorities and well staff while keeping the health concerns of students and professors in mind.

The immediate solution of coronavirus is necessary or if these days pass then closure of colleges and universities will not only have a short-term impact but also far-reaching economical and societal consequences.

Technology will play an important role during this lockdown period like working from home and distance learning as parents will become reluctant to send their wards to universities.

Institute offering teacher training to students will get an opportunity to help trainees to get digitally equipped and tray teaching students through google classrooms, google Meet or WebEx. In India, some private schools can adopt online teaching methods, but potential low income Private and Government schools may not be able to adapt to online teaching methods. This is where tutors can take the opportunity of reaching the masses but for this process to run smoothly the institution will have to bring changes in way subjects like educational technology and ICT are taught in teacher training institutes.

Ms. Ruby Yadav
Asst. Prof.
Faculty of Education

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Let’s Learn To Coexist – SGT University

It would not be an exaggeration to say that for ages, the most important thing for humans has been human himself. All the other things in this universe have assumed secondary status for us. Even Mother Nature who inhabits all the living and non-living creatures including humans have found an ancillary status in the anthropocentric philosophy. It seems that the brunt of COVID-19 faced by the world is the manner of nature to make us realize that we, humans have made the biggest mistake of thinking ourselves to be too powerful; to be the master of this earth.

These days social media, T.V channels, newspapers, etc. are flooded with the photos, videos, and news of wild animals roving the streets, birds that were rarely seen in the past few decades are fluttering in the sky and aquatic animals coming on shores. The smoggy cities are now seeing clear skies and witnessing the twinkling of bright stars which had become a forgotten thing. These images and news are getting huge ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. The suspension of hunting in various countries, freeing up crowdie streets, unimaginable reduction of noise in the air, clean and pure air indicate a convivial season for other living creatures on the planet Earth.

One thing has become very clear that we all like and love to live in the lap of nature but we have forgotten the art of coexistence. We the children of Mother Nature are not able to live together with the other children of nature. We have caused irreparable damages not only to the habitat of all other creatures on the Earth but also inevitably ravished our own home.

Coexistence is the basic essence of living. One cannot survive in isolation. All the living, non- living creatures are tied together for their subsistence. In our modern and luxurious lifestyle, we have lost the fundamental understanding that this nature does not belong to us only. In fact, every natural thing that we see ought to have an equal right to enjoy its space in this world. This unprecedented period of humans being locked down in homes and animals on the street is loudly and clearly giving the message that we need to learn to live together with other creatures on Earth.

We assume on our self the responsibility of protecting nature only because we have been consistently destroying it. No other animal or bird attempts to preserve nature. The reason is simply that they never commit the foolishness of destructing their own habitat. The human-centric approach which considers that only humans are of intrinsic value and all other aspects of the environment are just to assist the subsistence of humanity has already done great harm. Now nature is reclaiming itself, communicating to us that we are not the masters, but only the beneficiaries like other beings and we need to decide our limits so that every being can live peacefully together on this beautiful planet.

Sooner we understand and learn the art of coexistence, there are more chances to preserve the human race else nature will find its way to renounce.

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What’s the Difference Between a Cold, the Flu, and Coronavirus?

Some common manifestations such as fever, cough, cold and body-ache occur when we feel a cold, the flu, and Coronavirus also called COVID-19. How would you know the distinction? Here’s data to assist you with bettering comprehend the symptoms, signs, and medications.

Healthcare specialists note that the novel coronavirus, influenza, and allergies have some particular signs.

  • The main symptom of the novel Coronavirus is fever, tiredness, dry cough, and shortness of breath.
  • This season’s cold virus has side effects like the novel Coronavirus, for example, fever and body ache, yet flu doesn’t cause shortness of breath.

Here we have discussed how Common Cold, flu, and COVID-19 can be distinguished:

Coronavirus or COVID-19

Coronavirus or COVID-19 recently found in people that are spreading rapidly around the world. Four different strains of Coronavirus can generally cause primary flu manifestations (like the common cold). However, COVID-19 can cause severe sickness in specific groups. For instance, older individuals and individuals of any age with extreme health conditions — like lung infection, heart disease, asthma, and diabetes. These diseases appear to be at more danger of developing COVID-19. There’s presently no vaccine or antibody for COVID-19.

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Symptoms of COVID-19 can include:

  • Fever or chills
  • Dry cough
  • Headaches
  • Body-aches
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing
  • Tiredness

The seriousness of COVID-19 symptoms occurs from moderate to severe. However, if you have come in close contact with a COVID-19 patient or you’ve made a trip to COVID-19 affected country, all things considered; your manifestations are expected to COVID-19. If your symptoms are mild or moderate, you will probably be directed to remain at home to shield others from sickness and follow the suggested direction for self-care. In case you’ve alluded to a health care Centre, make sure to call ahead and let them know your symptoms before you go in.


While you may feel wretched when you have chills, the symptoms are commonly mild to moderate contrasted with infections like season’s cold. A virus can cause any of these body manifestations:

  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Body-ache
  • Fatigue
  • Sneezing
  • Watery eyes
  • Headaches

A common cold will keep going on generally for 7 to 10 days. Most of the symptoms are not brought about by the disease itself, yet rather our body’s immune system attempting to dispose of it. Most cold infections leave the patient and give their bodies time to battle them. Your immune system is the best guard against the common cold.


Seasonal flu (influenza) can generally appear ahead quick and frantic. It’s a common respiratory disease brought about by an infection that influences your nose, throat, and lungs and can last from 5 to 7 days. Here are some common symptoms of the flu:

  • Fever or chills
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Cough
  • Aches and pains
  • Runny or stuffy nose

Unlike Coronavirus, seasonal cold or influenza can be forestalled with a decent method of inoculation. If you have got an influenza shot or this season’s cold virus, your body’s manifestations are commonly milder than if you didn’t get seasonal flu shot. A high number of people with season’s flu get well without clinical treatment. Remain at home and get a lot of rest and liquids and treat a fever with acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

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Remember that antibiotics won’t help to cure any viral diseases. Generally, these infections need to run their course, so the best thing we can do is wait and watch. If your viral symptoms get improve, and if after some days manifestations suddenly get worse, you should contact your health care professional who can assess whether you may have a bacterial infection.

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Questions and Answers On Covid-19 or Coronavirus Disease

How long does the COVID-19 infection last?

It is not confirmed how long the virus that causes COVID-19 last on any surface, but through several investigations all over the world, validated that it is like other coronaviruses. Studies suggested that the virus stays on the surface for a few hours or up to several days. The stability of the infection depends on various conditions such as type of surface, temperature or humidity of the environment

In case you suspect that the surface is infected, use simple disinfectant to kill viruses and save yourself and others. To keep you safe, clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or wash them with soap and water. Moreover, avoid touching your eyes, mouth, or nose after touching any surface, doorknob, electric switch or door handle.

How can I prevent the spread of novel coronavirus? 

COVID-19 is a contagion disease, and to protect ourselves and others from this fatal virus. We need to practice personal hygiene and also, keep our surroundings clean. Foremost we need to maintain physical distance to avoid direct contact of person to person. There are some essential preventive measures to follow so that we can save our family and us.

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water following proper steps to clean hands.
  • Use alcohol-based sanitizers when you have not water and soap to clean hands.
  • Do not use hand to sneeze or cough instead you should use your bend elbow
  • Discard tissue immediately after use and dispose of it in the bin
  • Use disinfectants to clean your devices
  • Avoid raw animal products
  • Use mask while traveling in public transport
  • Maintain a proper distance of one meter while person interaction
  • Don’t use cutlery or personal belongings with anyone at the workplace or home
  • Seek medical assistance if you are showing early symptoms

How could I become infected with COVID-19?

COVID-19 can be transmitted from person to person. The transmission can be done through direct and indirect contact.

  • When people are contacting without keeping a distance of six feet or one meter.
  • When an infected person is contacting an unaffected person without taking proper preventive measures.
  • It can be transmitted when the infected person is sneezing or coughing without any taking precautions and leaving respiratory droplets in the air.
  • These droplets can land in the mouth or nose of the contacting person and inhale in the lungs; this process of inhaling can cause COVID-19 to an unaffected person.

Should I worry about COVID-19?

The world is scared and worried because of this unprecedented virus, as there is uncertainty among people about this infection. COVID-19 can be defeated by unity, inner strength, and courage. Also, we can avoid this lethal virus from spreading just by maintaining a physical distance. Socially we need to become united, but we should not come in contact with each other physically.

We all need to follow the guidelines to keep personal hygiene to fight this pandemic. It is only our commitment that can make us win. The time has come when all nations should stand together to register victory over this virus.

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What is a community spread?

A woman who had not traveled to China and even not exposed to someone who is carrying this virus, this was the first case of community spread appeared in the United States, when a woman had picked this virus from an unknown person. As it is an infectious disease, so she caught this virus with whom she had come into contact.

How to protect me?

We can protect our family when we can protect ourselves from this virus. It is advised and urged that everyone should follow social distancing. It is not only the Govt’s responsibility to obstruct people, but now it also becomes the moral responsibility of every person to stay home to keep us and our society safe. Only social distancing and personal hygiene can protect us from this virus.

Who is at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19?

Everyone is requested by the govt to stay home and avoid meeting people to protect themselves from this infection. However, certain medically compromised patients need to keep themselves in isolation to stay safe. These are:

Older adults:

People who have attained the age of 65 years or older than that are at higher risk to catch this virus

HIV patients:

People who are HIV positive can get severe illness by this virus as it also depends on your immunity. As we all know that HIV positive patients are already infected and can catch infection faster than other medically unfit people.

Asthma patient

COVID-19 directly affects your respiratory tracts that are nose, throat, and lungs. This attack can cause an asthma attack and can lead to pneumonia or acute respiratory disease.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women:

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding their babies have to take care of themselves and their infants. As they can get infected through an ill person more than a healthy person.

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Should I Test Coronavirus?

Ways to find if you are Corona virus-infected or not; you need to take one out of these five tests.

Coronavirus has already affected people globally. Now, it is also spreading in India without showing any abate sign, unlike other parts of the world. Now the question arising in the minds of people all over, how safe is I, and my family?

Here SGTU has made a small effort to collate the relevant information. It is essential to know which test we need to see if we are affected by this virus or not? This deadly virus has already killed thousands of people all over the world.

Name of the tests that can detect COVID-19

Here is the full information that you need to know how to detect the RNA in blood. COVID-19 or Coronavirus has still no test kit, but when you visit the hospital, several tests can avail results related to this virus. The tests are performed to verify if the person is COVID affected or not.

What happens during a Corona Virus or COVID-19 test?

The lab will collect the following samples from you:

  • A Swab test or Cotton test:

The lab will take a sample from your throat or nose with the help of clean cotton.

  • A Nasal Aspirate:

A saline solution is injected into your nose, and a sample will be suctioned gently

  • A tracheal Aspirate:

A thin and light tube known as a bronchoscope being gently pushed to your lungs, and a sample will be acquired.

  • A Sputum Test:

It is a variation found in your mucus found in your lungs is collected or coughed out from your nose with a cotton swab.

  • A Blood Test:

Variants of samples collected to get evaluated to detect the virus. It can also conduct through a Blanket test for all kinds of Coronaviruses. It can be acquired through a specialized gene sequencing test that is considered as a marker for COVID-19.

When you need a navel coronavirus test?

There are some specific measurements and symptoms to decide either you should go for this test or not:

  • If you have traveled or visited in any corona infection affected areas around the globe
  • In case you have come in contact with such a person who has moved to such areas

Is there any cure or antibiotic for novel Coronavirus or COVID-19?

As of now, there is no antibiotic available in the market to cure this deadly microorganism. Developed countries like America, Japan are testing and trying to make antibiotics for this disease.

We appeal to you to pay attention to small details related to COVID-19 so that you can keep you and your family safe.

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