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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Food Industry Post-COVID-19

Whether we like it or not COVID-19 has established in our lives. While the world is struggling with the changed order, few countries have crossed the bridge and are slowly getting back to business. India is eagerly waiting for the dust to set and life to begin all over again. How soon we are able to do so is a million-dollar question at this moment. However, what all are sure of – is the need to urgently find a new way, evolve strategies, and be ready for the post COVID scenario.

Back to business

The food industry is slowly but steadily finding its lost ground. In the past few weeks, home delivery services have been resume, and restaurants are seeing a gradual spike in numbers. With no-contact deliveries and online payments, consumers are fast gaining confidence in ordering food from restaurants online. While consumers are also eagerly waiting to get back to eating out, the industry itself is trying to find ways to make the consumer experience more safe, hygienic, and assuring. Post-COVID, a lot is sure to change in the way people plan their eating outs. Restaurants, on the other hand, have to re-invent themselves in the way they cook, serve, and meet the high standards of hygiene. And the only answer is – shift towards automation and Artificial Intelligence for the benefits of all. The minimal use of human hand assures the food is safe, hygienic, and perfect to taste as every aspect is pre-programmed.

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Automation, the way forward

In this fast-changing scenario, the food industry should brace itself to more stringent rules for non-home cooked food preparations. One can easily foresee the introduction of strict guidelines by the government taking the benchmark of food safety and hygiene a notch higher. In many parts of the world traditional cooking equipment such as tandoor and gas stoves, which are both risky as well as unfavorable for the environment, have been banned in commercial spaces. While new rules might soon be laid down to beat the virus at all levels, consumers themselves will be more discerning in times to come. They will pick restaurants that follow high standards of hygiene and where social distancing is practiced in the best possible way. A recent study done by an Indian restaurant-tech-solution platform cited more and more people are moving towards digital ordering and payment, where they do not have to touch anything other than sanitized cutlery during their restaurant visits.

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The professional kitchens are in for mega changes world over. Restaurants will have to upgrade themselves with new-age technology which depends a lot on Artificial Intelligence and complete automation. Smart combi-ovens are the ‘new normal’. These smart appliances can be programmed in such a way that they can cook the best meals with minimal intervention. They can make any chef’s craftsmanship come true with ease. From baking, steaming to giving the final finish with the right color crust, aroma, and texture; they can do it all. What’s more, most of the intelligent equipment comes with automatic self-cleaning function, and hence nothing is left to chance when it comes to matters of cleanliness and hygiene. Even the HACCP data can be retrieved from the units automatically which can become a mandatory requirement in the future for commercial kitchens to maintain.

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Civil Engineering: Features and Contribution to Society

Civil engineering is perhaps the oldest form of engineering and has been existing since the beginning of civilization. Civil engineering not only helps boost your resume and provides good job prospects, but the person gets to work for the wellbeing and well fare of the society as a whole. Society ceases to exist without civil engineering.

Specializations and career options

Civil engineering offers a variety of specializations and projects. Some of the specializations are construction engineer, structural engineer, geotechnical engineer, and transportation engineer.  Environmental engineering is another discipline of engineering in its own rights.

Civil engineering is an interesting subject for the students pursuing it. They can contribute immensely by getting involved in every stage of an engineering project. Different calculations can be used by them in planning, designing and testing stages. They maintain, repair and upgrade infrastructure, so they are involved in engineering projects in a unique way.

Some of the best universities in Delhi NCR offer these engineering courses. Aspirants can look through them for a lucrative career as engineers.

Salary and job prospects

The salary of a civil engineer varies from company to company. The highest-paid civil engineers work with the federal government. Those working for state governments get a lower salary. The non-residential building construction pays the lowest wages.

Civil engineering is the principal engineering occupation.  It’s the fastest-growing stream of engineering. Opportunities are plentiful such as renewable energy and development of waste management systems. They are involved in construction and up-gradation of airports, roads, buildings, bridges, etc.

Here are some pointers on its advantages:

  1. One can work in govt. or private sector or can start his/her own consultancy.
  2. The houses constructed by civil engineers become a status of their good and honest work.
  3. One gets to interact with a lot of people and this gives them good exposure.
  4. The earning increases with experience.
  5. There is a scope of a lot of creativity.

Civil engineering, the aforesaid paragraph makes it clear is a great stream for those who have a knack of creativity, want to meet new people, enhance their knowledge, get a good job and most of all, contribute to the betterment of the society.

If one wants to pursue the best university for B. Tech in Gurgaon, then one can easily look out for SGT University. SGT University’s Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering offers great scope to aspiring engineers. It boasts of expert faculty, state of the art infrastructure and research-oriented pedagogy. It offers a great opportunity for admission seekers.

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