About Us

Center for Lateral Innovation, Creativity & Knowledge ( CLICK )

A new entity of SGT University is a highly innovative knowledge platform. It is designed to allow each individual to explore their interests and passions. This is achieved by exposing the student, through various interactive ways and means, to the challenges and needs of society.
  • In pursuance of this discovery of the student’s inner drumbeat the Centre shall encourage and allow the young to be empowered and enabled through engagement with enjoyable, practical and relevant knowledge that is in harmony with the student’s inner drumbeat.
  • This shall happen through a creative technology platform that provides for mentored peer led learning merged with explorations of and adventures into the real world based on experiential knowledge connected to societal needs and challenges.
  • Thus, each student shall be guided into putting into practice their inner and true passion.
  • The Centre seeks to redefine education as ‘knowledge in action’