Cloud Computing – An Emerging Technology

Cloud Computing – An Emerging Technology

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Cloud Computing – An Emerging Technology

Nowadays, Cloud computing is one of the attractive trends and technologies. It attracts IT initiator and entrepreneurs of all levels by uncovering its extraordinary advantages. It has become an essential part of business development. Today, during global economic downturn, exponential growth of businesses and e-commerce deeply require better and innovative techniques for their growth. Cloud computing has been widely recognized as the next generation computing infrastructure. It is a model of information processing, storage, and delivery in which physical resources are provided to clients on demand. Amazon’s Elastic cloud, Microsoft’s Azure platform, Google’s App Engine and Sales force are some public clouds that are available today. Most of us use cloud computing all day long without realizing it. We all access our Gmail account almost daily, it uses our physical memory to store the data by using the concept of cloud computing, users can store their web mails over the cloud and can access the mails at any time from any place. Through cloud computing our mails are more secure. Cloud services are based on pay as you use basis like we use the electricity service and pay on the basis of the units we used.

Cloud Advantages:

Cloud computing has a number of advantages:

  • Pay-per-use and self-service: Users do not need to install any software in their own device. He/she can use any service provided by the client and can pay on the basis of his/her usage.
  • Don’t need to carry devices: such as thumb drives or CDs. You don’t need to worry about losing the device, breaking the CD, or not having your information load properly.
  • Easy access to the information: Lesson plans, labs, grades, notes, PowerPoint slides – just about anything digital that you use is easily uploaded and accessed anytime.
  • Security: Your data, content, information, images – anything you store in the cloud usually requires authentication (ID and password, for example) – so it is not easily accessible by anyone. In addition, should something happen to the technology at school, your content will still be available to you if it is stored elsewhere.
  • Collaboration: You can set-up various student groups to work on projects and assignments in the cloud.
  • No need to save files in paper format: With cloud computing redundancy, there is no longer the need to both save files digitally as well as in paper format. Cloud computing systems are regularly backed-up, so the chances of losing content are quite small.


Applications of cloud

There are various applications of cloud in various fields.

Cloud email: Today all mobile users are using Gmail (a free email service provided by Google) on their device. This is a live example of Cloud computing because all emails of a user are store on a server (outside the device) and all processing is performed on the cloud.

Mobile healthcare: The emergence of telecommunication in medical field makes the diagnosis and treatment of people easy. Now monitoring the health of patient and to provide him treatment on time is possible.

Mobile gaming: Cloud computing provides the facility of game playing on mobile devices to mobile users. Mobile gaming requires large computing resources but with help of Mobile cloud computing all computations are performed on clouds so mobile devices do not need to have these high computing resources (example graphic rendering). The concept of offloading is used in mobile gaming.

IT Education and Research: As the IT field is rapidly moving towards Cloud Computing, software industry’s focus is shifting from developing applications for PCs to Data Centers and Clouds that enable millions of users to make use of software simultaneously.


We can understand cloud computing in general like instead of purchasing actual physical devices, servers, storage, or any networking equipment, we can lease these resources from a cloud provider. Now there is no need to buy costly hardwares and softwares, we can easily use these on pay as you use basis. One of the best examples of cloud computing in real life is like we pay the bill of electricity on the basis of how many units we have consumed. cloud computing is being embraced by many companies these days and this is constantly generating new job opportunities in this stream, making this an ideal career choice. So guys back your systems and move to the cloud to fly high in the field of technology.


Preeti Garg

Asst. Prof.

CSE Department                                                                                              


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