Faculty of Physical Sciences

Emphasis on practical training which enable the students to get hands on learning experience beside that it prepares them to tackle the intricacies


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From the time immemorial when the man started understanding and interacting with nature. He started exploring the nature and then he realized that different matter behave differently. From that time to today’s modern world the pursuit of mankind is almost same but in the process of coming of age we have gathered enormous information & knowledge about the matter and in addition to this now we are in a better position that how properties of matter can be exploited for the benefits of mankind. Therefore the science or information that has been gathered along this journey is known as Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics ( Subjects of physical Science) Even the most sought after technologies in modern world bearing a altogether different nomenclatures have same progenitor i.e. Chemistry and physics. For the invention and innovation of existing & new technologies the knowledge of chemistry and physics is not only a prelude but it also gives clues for altogether new thinking platform to achieve the objectives in research & technologies. Moreover the mushrooming industrial development at the cost of environment has raised concerned about the environment therefore the search for green technologies has become essential. Therefore the search for green technology will depend on our understanding of physical & chemical nature of matter will offer clues for green technologies.


  1. The most important feature of FPS in SGT is that we are laying stress on training in laboratories. In fact the time allotted for practical training is much more than the theoretical classes in lecture hall. This enable the students to get hands on learning experience beside that it prepares them to tackle the intricacies that will follow in research & development laboratories.
  2. Our course curriculum is designed in such a way that although it offers a lot of subsidiary subjects in addition to compulsory main subject but the choice of subsidiary subjects are such that it leads to the enhancement of the skills learnt in the main subject.
  3. We have well equipped state to art laboratories and well stacked libraries with journals, e-journals, periodical, text both and reference book.
  4. The most important feature is that in our post graduate classes of chemistry and physics we are persuading the students to prepare the assignments on the topics from recently published research articles and journals.


  1. All the faculty in Faculty of Physical Sciences are doctorate. More than half of the faculties have good number of years as International exposure in various Universities & Research and development labs of USA and Europe like UTA, Texas, USA, Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, Leningrad, USSR, University of Massachussetts, USA, Korea Institute of Energy Research, Taejon, South Korea etc. Therefore under the guidance of these august faculties the students of Faculty of Physical Sciences will be better oriented to understand the recent trends in Research & development.
  2. SGT Provides spacious & state of art Physics and Chemistry Laboratories having latest equipments. The Students to Equipment/Apparatus ratio is strictly maintained by one is to one.
  3. Under the guidance of accomplished faculties students gets hands on experience in laboratories and well supported by course curriculum will provide a synergistic effect towards the Holistic development of the vstudents.


  1. B. Sc. (Non Medical)
  2. B. Sc. (Hons.) (Forensic Sciences)


  1. M. Sc. (Chemistry)
  2. M. Sc. (Mathematics)
  3. M. Sc. (Physics)
  4. M. Sc. (Applied Mathematics)
  5. M. Sc. (Nano Science & Technology)
  6. M. Sc. (Forensic Sciences)
  7. M. Sc. (Environmental Sciences)


  1. Ph. D. (Physics)
  2. Ph. D. (Chemistry)
  3. Ph. D. (Mathematics)
  4. Ph. D. (Forensic Sciences)
  5. Ph. D. (Environmental Sciences)

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