dean faculty of fims


Dr. Prasanna V Savanur

Cradle of knowledge in Ayurveda for budding scholars and students since last 26 years. Has inspired and guided many number of Postgraduate scholars to achieve Excellency in Ayurveda.Diligent and persuasive passion could propagate Ayurveda to countries like UK and Brazil through guest lectures, teachings and presentations.
Scientist inside could provide conventional language to Ayurveda herbs and publishing them in various peer-reviewed journals may it be analytical, experimental and clinical studies. Invited speaker at different national and international scientific platforms including JIVAKA International Ayurveda Conference-2006 At Bangkok,Thailand . And also have distinction of publishing two valuable texts to Ayurveda fraternity namely SHRI VYASAKESHVARAM VIRCHITA- LAGHU NIGHANTU and TRIDOSHA THEORY.
Honored with “JIVAKA AYURVEDA VISHWA SAANMANA during conference in 2006 At Bangkok, Thailand, and Prestigious Dhnavantari Award for Excellence in Ayurvedic Practice From AAPNA – Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America in 2021