Dean – Faculty of Law

Prof. (Dr.) Dharminder Kumar

Prof. (Dr.) Dharminder Kumar is a scholar who worked as a teacher, administrator, strategic and Educational planner. His rich experience and expertise are distinguishing his achievements in the domain of law. His guidance had lightened up the path of many LLM students to complete their dissertation program. Being an external examiner, he evaluated several dissertation
papers of LLM students from various universities.
He worked as the Dean at Law College, like Lloyd Law College and Geeta Institute of Law. Dr. Kumar had been appointed as the Editor in Chief of the inaugural issue of “Lloydian-Student Law Review” and “Lexigentia-Law Journal” and Journal of Global Research & Analysis.

He has written books and research papers to provide the right understanding of various spheres of law and legal system. He authored law books “Legal Position of Right to Speedy Trial in India,” and Right to Speedy Trail in India: A Comparative Analysis with the United States of America.”

Dr Kumar also founded the esteemed law entrance test, of “National Level test and founded for one of the most prominent legal news website for Law Students and Teachers Namely LawOF (
He had attained wide popularity by writing research papers on some of the most important legal issues in India and abroad such as “Substantive Factors Responsible for Delays in Criminal Justice Delivery in India”, “Judicial Pronouncements on Speedy Trial in India: An Analysis,”

“Urgent Need of Speedy Trial Act in India.” He had added stars to his career by organizing hundreds of National and International Legal Events to benefit law students and faculties worldwide. Dr. Kumar organized several seminars, conferences, moot court competitions, training programs, workshops, etc. He is one of those academicians ready to extend his dimension with his academic and administrative excellence in legal education. Dr. Kumar has specialization in areas such as, Judicial Reform, Speedy Justice, and Legal Education.

Now he is ready to serve SGT University with his experience and expertise. Dr. Kumar is an expert who helps our University to expand its horizons with new and innovative ideas.