Dean Research & Development

Dr. Meenakshi Munshi | Dean Research & Development @ SGT University

Dr. Meenakshi Munshi

Dr. Meenakshi Munshi obtained her Master, MPhil and Ph.D. in Botany from Kashmir University, with the Ph.D. work from Bhaba Atomic Research Centre. She worked as Research Scientist at Jawaharlal Nehru University, and National Institute of Plant Genome Research, New Delhi prior to joining the Department of Biotechnology, GOI in 2000. She was Fulbright Fellow at University of California, Davis, USA 2010-11. Besides she has been a recipient of Young Scientist Award also. She worked in various capacities and retired as the Adviser (Scientist G, Group Head) from the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, GOI. She executed various National and International Programs at the department including Human Resource Development, Fellowships & Awards, Energy Biosciences, Societal Development Programs, Agriculture/Plant Biotechnology, Women Centric Programs, Infrastructure Development, and developed Joint International Programs of Cooperation with various countries. Under the Energy Bioscience program, she was involved in the framing of Biofuel policy. She had been involved with project monitoring and evaluation for the last 20 years at different levels and contributed to the formulation of various policy & strategy documents. She was also supporting PG Programs in Biotechnology across the country.

Dr. Munshi was the driving force in the formulation and successful implementation of various programs, like the Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship. It was implemented as a reverse brain drain program and was successful in bringing nearly 500 Indian scientists across the globe back to our country for their contribution to the Indian research ecosystem.  

She served as a member of various national and international committees and travelled widely to various countries in connection with her work. She published her research in various national and international journals and wrote many popular articles for national dallies. She also authored a book “Biotechnology Applications & Careers” to her credit.