“I am thankful for the warmth and compassion all the doctors here have shown towards me. I was attended by senior doctors personally. The cancer diagnosis had made me very anxious but all of these doctors did a great job at handling that. Everyone in the staff made me feel comfortable and all my questions and doubts regarding my condition were answered with great patience. ”
Phoola Devi , Gurgaon

“I am extremely grateful for this department and all the staff and students here, who spent great amount of their time in understanding my condition and reasons behind it. They all have treated me with outmost compassion. Everyone here has shown keen interest in motivating me for continuing my treatment and follow a healthy lifestyle by quitting wrong habits. My life has changed after this great experience.”
Mr. Prem Kumar, New Delhi

“I had visited this department because my mouth started to open less and my cheeks felt thick and tight. I was so scared of the fact that it could turn out to be cancer. To my relief all the doctors here seemed well informed and learned. I was attended to promptly without waiting for hours as in other hospitals. I was explained about the condition and all my fears were alleviated. I was helped with leaving my dependence on gutka very patiently. They all were very friendly and supportive. I was encouraged to be regular with my treatment. The result of all their hard efforts is that I got rid of the bad habits and my mouth feels much better than before. I want to congratulate all these doctors for their sincere efforts.”
Mithu Verma, New Delhi

“I was a chronic smoker and that had led to great losses in my life. I came to them with a white patch in my mouth which had started to increase in size and had alarmed me. Troubled of my smoking and not been able to leave it, I shared my concern with my doctor here. I was counseled and the doctors prescribed me medicines to help deal with my addiction. I was surprised by the confidence they show in their patients. Everyone is so dedicated to deliver the best for their patients. With a continuous motivation and support of doctors team here, I was able to withdraw from my habit and the lesion in my mouth healed without any troubles. I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks and good luck to them.”
Satish , Gurgaon