List of publications

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Books Published

1) Dr Suma- Contributor in "Textbook of funadamentals of radiotherapy in head and neck cancer", Renu publishers, New Delhi, Year of publication 2016.

2) Authored chapter by Dr. Renu Tanwar. Appendix D- Lamina dura in health and disease. 2nd ed Textbook of Oral Radiology. Anil Ghom. Elsevier publications India, 2016, p 853-9.

3) Dr Atul Kaushik contributed in clinical dentistry book titled "Oral manifestations of systemic diseases" School of Stomatology, Wuhan University, China 2016.(In press)

4) Dr Astha Chaudhry authored a textbook- Chaudhry A, Muniraju M, Vohra P."Medical emergencies- A Guide for Dental professionals. Lambert Academic publishing 2016, Deutschland Germany. ISBN- 978-3-659-94710-0.

5) Dr Astha Chaudhry authored a monograph- Chaudhry A, Muniraju M. "Osteomyelitis of the Jaws- A clinico-radiological perspective". Scholars press 2016, Deutschland Germany. ISBN- 978-3-659-84311-2.