As a part of pre-clinical training exercise in Forensic Odontology, various dental age estimation methods were demonstrated to First year post graduate students. Various radiographic methods were used by the post graduate students to examine age dependent changes in dentition and derive the dental age of the studied population group.
The following methods were utilized in the training program:

1. Demirijian’s method: Panoramic radiographs were used to assess mandibular left side teeth from central incisor (31) to third molar (38) for age estimation. The radiographic development stages of the teeth were denoted and different maturity scores were provided for males and females. The total maturity score obtained from all the teeth was substituted in given regression formulas to derive dental age.

2.Modified Demirijian’s method: Acharya developed a modified formula for Indian population to increase the accuracy of age prediction. This formula has produced a dental age closer to the real age in our population group.

3. Kvaal’s method: Several measurements like pulp-root length, pulp-tooth length, tooth-root length and pulp-root width of six suggested teeth were made on peri-apical radiographs. The mean value of the measured ratios were derived and substituted in the given regression formulas to derive dental age.

4. Cameriere’s method: Panoramic radiographs were used for the measurement of open apices of seven permanent left mandibular teeth and dental age was estimated by using Cameriere’s regression formula.