Question 1 : Why my tooth has become discolored ?

Ans : Tooth can become discolored due to various reasons. Several diseases that effect enamel and dentin can lead to discoloration of tooth such as yellow or brown stain can be a result of excessive fluoride in water or conditions like amelogenesis imperfect and dentinogenesis imperfecta. A blackish color can be due to decaying of tooth, internal infection of pulp and trauma . Certain drugs such as tetracycline and doxycycline can also effect tooth colour when given to children when there teeth are still developing.

Question 2 : Is the white patch in my mouth a beginning of cancer ?

Ans: Any white or red patch in mouth should be seen with suspicion. Visit your dentist and get necessary investigations done to rule out any serious disease especially if it starts increasing in size or changes colour.

Question 3 : I am pregnant and having a toothache, I can not take any treatment presently, what painkillers I can take ?

Ans: Paracetamol is the safest painkiller in pregnancy. Do not take any other medicine without a doctors prescription.

Question 4 : I am pregnant and having a toothache, can I get x-ray done for the tooth ?

Despite the extremely low radiation of dental x-rays, routine check-up x-rays are usually avoided during pregnancy if the expectant mother has received routine dental care, and is in good dental health. If the expectant mother is in pain, dental x-rays can be safely taken using lead aprons to shield the radiation.

Question 5 : Why I need to wear such heavy aprons and gonadal shields ?

Ans: Lead aprons are shielding apparel are classified as a secondary barrier to the effects of ionizing radiation. These aprons protect an individual from scattered radiation. The thickness of lead in the protective apparel determines the protection it provides. It is recommended that for general purpose radiography the minimum thickness of lead equivalent in the protective apparel should be 0.5mm.

Question 6 : I am chewing gutka and pan masala since 15 years. What is the reason for my decreased mouth opening recently ?

Ans: A reduced mouth opening could result from a condition called oral submucous fibrosis. It can be caused by a constituent in gutka and pan masala. You should quit the habit and start appropriate treatment. It can help improve your mouth opening.

Question 7 : How do I stop my smoking habit ?

Ans: There are many medicines available, nicotine chewing gums can be used after consultation with an Oral physician. They should be used judiciously and under supervision of your doctor.

Question 8 : Why do I feel clicking sound from my jaw joint ?

Ans : Clicking from jaws is a result of problem in the jaw joint. This condition may arise as a result of overactivity of jaw muscle or some pathology in bones forming the joint. See your dentist at the earliest to avoid any progression of this disorder.

Question 9 : Why do I keep getting ulcers in my mouth ?

Ans : There can be multiple reasons for ulcers in mouth. If they are occasional, few in number and heal within 1-2 weeks, need not to worry. However, if repeatedly one is experiencing multiple ulcers, visit Oral physician for the same.

Question 10 : Why my mouth has burning sensation every time ?

Ans : Burning of mouth can be due to iron deficiency, age related or due to some local lesion as in case of oral lichen planus and oral submucous fibrosis For a correct diagnosis, consult an oral physician followed by appropriate investigations and mamagement.