List of Publications

List of Publication 2008

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1. Tandon S, Rao AN, Sequeira PS. Oral health knowledge, attitudes & practices among professional university students in India. Manipal Odont. 2008; 1:2-5.
List of Publication 2009
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2. Tandon S, Sequeira PS, Acharya S, Bhat M, Bairy I, Pradhan D. Efficacy of Surgical Mouth Masks as an Infection Control Measure in University Dental Surgery Clinics. Manipal Odont. 2009;1: 71-74.
List of Publication 2011
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3. Jitesh Jain, Sequeira P. Simon, Pralhad, Chinmaya B.R., Sreyas T., Amith M. Teachers’ Perception of Current Teaching Methodology and Tobacco Cessation Councelling in the subject of Public Health Dentistry; J Indian Asso Public Health Dent.2011;17(1): 10-13.
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List of Publication 2012
S.No. Publication
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List of Publication 2013
S.No. Publication
10. Chinmaya B.R., Smitha B.V., Krishna Murthy. Dental Practice and Geriatric Patients. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG., 2013, ISBN: 978-3-8465-1165-7.
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List of Publication 2014




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List of Publication 2015




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List of Publication 2016




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List of Publication 2017




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List of Publication 2018




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List of Publication 2019




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List of Publication 2020




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List of Publication 2021




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