Description of the Faculty

Description of the Faculty

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India has a large number of teachers and needs many more. All processes concerned with recruitment of teachers, education of teachers, motivation, incentives, retention and feedback therefore have to be planned on a large scale. The Education Commission (1964-66) said, “a sound programme of professional education of teachers is essential for the qualitative improvement of education. Investment in teacher education can yield very rich dividends because the financial resources required are small when measured against the resulting improvement in the education of millions.” Teacher education is the process of providing potential teachers and teachers with the knowledge and skills essential to teach in an effective manner in the classroom. The Faculty of Education at SGT University thus intends to provide opportunities for interactive and participative learning where learners do not remain passive listeners but are groomed as active participants in the teaching learning process. Some of the important highlights of the programme are:

  • Students are given exposure through visits, role playing, hands-on experiences, case studies, research projects, discussions on reflective issues, observations and interaction with the community in multiple socio-cultural environments so that the potential of students may not remain inchoate in the absence of a meaningful exposure.
  • After the implementation of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) co-curricular activities have become an essential component of teaching-learning system in the school. Therefore co-curricular activities are an important part of our curriculum and activities are conducted throughout the year for all round development of personality of students.
  • For teachers and potential teachers it is very important to keep themselves updated about the latest trends and innovations in the field of education. For this purpose Extension Lectures are organised on relevant topics during each semester for students and faculty members. Renowned educationists from different Universities and from the agencies of education are invited to deliver these lectures.
  • Faculty Development Programmes are conducted at regular interval in the University for Continuous Development of Faculty members of the department. Faculty members are also motivated to participate in Faculty Development Programmes conducted outside the University.
  • For School Experience Programme, students visit schools in every semester apart from their internship programme. With this practice students become familiar with the functioning of the school before getting into the internship programme.
  • Students also get to interact with students of other departments in the University through various seminars and activities. This motivates them to have interdisciplinary perspective on different aspects of their study.
  • Sports and Yoga is another noteworthy feature of our curriculum. Every day starts with Yoga and sports activities for students which are supervised by the Director, Physical Education.

Facilities available in Faculty of Education

For any educational institution it is important to have good academic as well as infrastructural facilities for the proper transaction of curriculum. National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has emphasized again and again on infrastructural facilities for various teacher education institutions and departments of education in the Universities. Therefore Faculty of Education in SGT University is equipped with all the instructional and infrastructural facilities as per the norms and standards of regulatory body of teacher education i.e. NCTE

  • The classrooms are spacious and equipped with projector(s) for integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching-learning process. Size and number of the classrooms is as per the guidelines of regulatory body.
  • Innovative teaching-learning strategies are being adopted for optimum learning of the students.
  • Library facility with 3050 books on Foundation Courses and Teaching Subjects, which subscribes reputed Journals and Magazines and free access to online journals for students and teachers. Reading section of the library is open for 24 hours.
  • Well equipped psychology lab with experimental and testing tools. We have around 44 psychological tests and batteries.
  • Elegantly designed Auditorium with a seating capacity of over 400.
  • Computer Lab is equipped with 60 PCs with the latest software programmes and are also linked to campus network.
  • We have Tie-ups with Government and Private Schools for the school observation and school experience programme.
  • Visits are being conducted to Government and Private Schools in each Semester for providing on the field exposure to the prospective teachers.
  • Formative and Summative Evaluation is being conducted through assignments, projects, presentations, practical examinations and end term examinations.
  • Educational trips is planned in every semester of the programme
  • Community based projects in nearby villages
  • One complete semester is assigned to Internship Programme in Schools for practice in pedagogic skills.


Ms Chetna Jathol

Assistant Professor


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