extramural funded research projects

Grants for Research Projects Sponsored by the Extramural Funding Agencies

Name of the Projects/Endowments, ChairsName of the principal InvestigatorFunding agencyAmount sanctionedDepartment of principal investigator/ co InvestigatorAward
Neuro-cognitive correlates of prospective memory and emotion recognition in children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)Prof. (Dr.) Waheeda KhanDSTRs 29,73,200FBS2019
“Identification of the candidate gene for grain yield under drought by fine mapping of a major QTL on wheat chromosome 7B and its transfer into popular high yielding varieties of Wheat”.Dr. SoniaDSTRs 28,85,000Faculty of Agricultural Sciences2019
Extraction socket regeneration: A comparative evaluation of physiologically healed bone versus grafted bone in terms of bone quality, width and implant stabilityDr. Puja (PI), Dr. Nupur (CO), Dr. Manoti (CO), Dr. Varun (CO), Dr. Aparna (CO)DSTRs 7,70,000Department of Prosthodontics,FODS2018
To evaluate the clinical efficacy of resin infiltration technique alone or in combination with microabrasion or in office bleaching in discolored teeth with mild to moderate fluorosis.Dr. Poorvi Saxena, Dr. Mandeep Singh Grewal, Dr. Ashtha Arya,DMG dental (Industry sponsored Grant)Rs 2,36,118Department of conservative and endodontic dentistry2018
Simulation Manequin for National Reference Simulation labLaerdalRs 1,35000/-, Rs 80,000/-, Rs 4000000/Faculty of Nursing2018
Intergroup contact and collective action in educational settings in IndiaDr. Waheeda KhanUGCRs. 8,10,500/-Faculty of Behavioral Sciences2014