S.No Faculty member Proposed Research Project Faculty Date/Year Submitted
1.Bhupender Yadav, Dr. SumitA comparative evaluation of periodontal parameters, crestal bone level, inflammatory biomarkers in gingival crevicular fluid, colony count of anaerobic bacteria’s and enamel wear as influenced by two different crown and bridge material – An in-vivo studyDental Sciences2018Submitted in SERB
2.Akoijam Mamta Devi/Co-investigatorEffectiveness of a Maternal Health Based perinatal home care program on the development outcome of mothers and infantsNursing2018Submitted in SERB
3.Raman DeepA study to assess the effectiveness of parent training programme for parents of primary school children developed with a view to reduce child abuse.Nursing2018Submitted in SERB
4.Dr. PriyaCognitive impairment in head injury patients using virtual &augmented realityPhysiotherapy2018Submitted in CSRI
5.Dr. ReshuEffect of salivary cotinine levels on osseointegration of root form endosseous implants as assessed by digital radiography and clinical evaluation.Dental2019Submitted in SERB
6.Dr. PriyaEfficacy of transcranial direct current stimulation to enhance motor recovery in persons with spinal cord injury.Physiotherapy2018Submitted in CSRI
7.Dr. Ganjoo, Dr. SawhneyA comparative study of Efficacy of platelet rich plasma with oral finasteride in androgenic alopeciaFMHS-Dermatology2019Submitted in ICMR
8.Dr. Sonia PawariaA study of the Impact of device assisted Inspiratory muscle training for early cure in Post Pulmonary Tuberculosis Sequelae.Physiotherapy2019Submitted and pre-proposal accepted in ICMR
9.Dr. Ritu SoniTopic: Effects of yoga practice on HRV and female sex hormones in early post-menopausal womenMedical Department of Physiology2019Submitted in ICMR
10.Dr. KamleshDiscovery of Novel Multi target 3D Pharmacophore Model for Alzheimer’s Disease by way of computer- aided drug designPhysical Sciences2018Submitted
11.Dr. Aparna Dave/ Dr. Astha Chaudhry/ Dr. Pulin/ Dr. ManpreetVariant Tobacco Hookah smoking practices and its effect on oral mucosa in rural population of Haryana: A Prospective Observational StudyDental2019Submitted in ICMR
12.Dr. Shilpi GargStudy Of Mosaic Organization Of hippocampal neuroepithelium including dentate gyrus and correlation of it with the expression of NSE and BDNF in 2nd and 3rd trimester aborted human fetuses.Medical2019Submitted in ICMR
13.Dr. Sushmita SahaHuman Rental Morphogenesis During Mid GestationMedical2019Submitted in ICMR
14.Dr. Nimarpreet KaurA study on the duration based effect of hypertension on auditory brainstem evoked response and heart rate variabilityMedical2019Submitted in ICMR
15.Dr. Kajal NandiRole Of Anti-Mullerian Hormone And Polymorphism Of Amh And AmhriiMedical2019Submitted in ICMR
16.Dr. Priti AgarwalAnalysis Of Antibiograms And Molecular Characteristics Of Staphylococcus Aureus Isolates From Rural Community And Their Association With Isolates From Patients Admitted In Rural Health Care Setting In HaryanaMedical2019Submitted in ICMR
17.Dr. Shalini RayGlobal Positioning System For Mapping Undernutrition Among Children (3-9 Yrs) In Rural Areas Of GurugramMedical2019Submitted in ICMR
18.Dr. Sapna GoelPrevalence Of Haemoglobinopathies With Hb-Hplc In Rural Population Of Gurugram A population based studyMedical2019Submitted in ICMR
19.Dr. Bharat Bhushan SharmaEvaluation Of Suspected IUGR Patients In Respect Of Doppler Indices Of Umblical And Uterine ArteriesMedical2019Submitted in ICMR
20.Dr. Ved MarwahA survey of Psychological well being Of School Children of GurugramMedical2019Submitted in ICMR
21.Dr. D.P.S. SudanEvaluation Of Education And Personal Characteristics among Poorly Controlled AsthmaMedical2019Submitted in ICMR
22.Dr. D.P.S. SudanImpact Of Integrative Yoga Exercise On Autonomic Function & Health Related Quality Of Life In COPDMedical2019Submitted in ICMR
23.Dr. Rajesh ChandraResults With Limited Disc Excision By Intra Laminar Fenestration For Surgical Management Of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc HerniationMedical2019Submitted in ICMR
24.Dr. Rajesh ChandraTo Study The Effect Of Parentral Bisphosphonates On Psot Menopausal Osteoporosis In Rural GurugramMedical2019Submitted in ICMR
25.Lt. Gen (Dr.) H L KakriaOutcome Of Tibial Fractures By Intramedullary Interlocking Nail & Early DynamizationMedical2019Submitted in ICMR
26.Dr. Jasdeep MongaInfant Hearing Loss In Rural Gurugram- Detecting The Disease BurdenMedical2019Submitted in ICMR
27.Keshav Chandra KhanduriProspective Randomized Controlled Study Of Effect Of Dexmedetomidine Infusion In Improving Cost Effectiveness And Recovery Characteristics Of Desflurane On Entropy Guided General Anesthesia.Medical2019Submitted in ICMR
28.Dr. Puja malhotra, Dr. Nupur Dabas, Dr. Manoti Sehgal, Dr. Aparna Dave, Dr. Varun AryaExtraction socket regeneration : a comparative evaluation of physiologically healed bone vs grafted bone in terms of bone quality, width and implant stabilityDental29/7/2017Submitted in SERB and sanctioned
29.Suma GN, Dr. Astha ChaudhryA newer method of risk assessment for early in conspicuous malignant areas in oral potentially malignant diseases, through quantified reflected light by a novel optical tool.Dental31/7/2017Submitted in SERB
30.Mr. Amit BhatnagarMenu Engineering of Gluten Free, vegan, superfoods and low calorie foods for the community useHotel management28/06/2018Non-govt agency
31.Dr.Sumit, Dr. Bhupender Yadav, Dr. Reshu Madan, Dr. Shefali PhogatEvaluating Fracture Strength and Phase transition of Polished Monolithic Zirconia following chair side occlusalDental31/7/2017Submitted in SERB
32.Dr. M.S Sidhu, Dr.Mona, Dr.AshishA Prospective study in orthodontic management of dental deformities in young adults using 3 adjunct devicesDental31/7/2017Submitted in SERB
34.Dr. Aparna Dave, Dr. Manpreet Arora, Dr. Vijaylaxmi, Dr. Pulin Saluja, Dr. Radhika RaiAssessment of serum periostea level in patients with Oral squamous cell carcinoma and in patients with Oral leukoplakiaDental28/7/2017Submitted in SERB
35.Dr. Manpreet arora, Dr. Aparna Dave, Dr. Pulin Saluja, Dr. Radhika RaiAssessment of Salivary Zinc Finger Protein 510 (Znf510) as a Non Invasive Tool for Early Detection and Progression of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma.Dental31/7/2017Submitted in SERB
36.Dr. Lavina Arya , Vishal AryaUsefulness of Intensified Preventive Program forcaries Reduction in 3-6 Year Old Children in Rural GurgaonDental31/7/2017Submitted in SERB
37.Dr. SoniaBiochemical studies and differential gene expression of salinity stress related genes in drought tolerant recombinant inbred lines of wheat.Physiotherapy21/2/2018Submitted in SERB
38.Dr. SoniaIdentification of the candidate gene(s) for grain yield under drought by fine mapping of a major QTL on wheat chromosome 7B and its transfer into popular high yielding variety of wheatPhysiotherapy20/3/2018Submitted in SERB
39.Dr. S.S. SharmaExploitation and utilization of biorational and organic means in the production and protection of field cropsAgriculture28/5/2018Submitted in SERB
40.Dr. WaheedaNeuro-cognitive correlates of prospective memory and emotional recognition in children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd)Behavioural Sciences27/6/2018SERB and accepted
41.Prof. Amal K. Saha/Dr. Amit goelsah/Dr. Amit GoelSmart Service Delivery for elderly, disabled, illiterate and vulnerable citizens, using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Humanoid Agent and Conversational User Interface (CUI) based channels, and Combination of Machine Learning and Rule-based Algorithms.1/10/2017Submitted in SERB
42.Miss. BhartiPrevalence of Intradialytic Hypertension and its association with 44 hours interdialytic ambulatory Blood pressure: a prospective observational case control study30/6/2018Submitted in SERB
43.Mr. Ravi MalhotraEffect of Air Pollutants on Respiratory Health by Monitoring Oxidative Stress by SOD and Pulmonary Expiratory Flow Rate by Wright’s Peak Flowmeter and Spirometer in Youth (15-29 Years of Age)31/6/2018Submitted in SERB
44.Dr. Sheetal, Dr. SoniaInspiratory Muscle Rehabilitation training for early cure in Post Pulmonary Tuberculosis Sequelae30/7/2017Submitted in SERB
45.Dr. Bharti, Dr. PriyankaGait Trainer for parkinsonism patients31/7/2017Submitted in SERB
46.Dr.Dhirendra Mishra, Prof. R.C.SharmaEvaluation and mitigation of health effects using personal atmospheric pollution exposure through monitoring and modelling30/3/2017Submitted in SERB