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Nursing is an art if it is to be an art it requires an exclusive devotion as hard a preparation, as any painter’s or sculptor’s work……”

Florence Nightingale 

When we look up the word “nurse” in the dictionary, we will read something like “somebody who cares for a sick person.” Thinking about it seems easy; however, Nursing is more  than that simple definition. Being a nurse is a very influential and rewarding profession. Nurses care  is important for people those who are having pain, illness, injury,  loss, dying, grieving, birth, growth, aging and health. They not only care for people through illness, but they also promote health, prevent diseases and educate the individual, society and community.

Nursing is a demanding, rewarding and a very inspiring career. The role of a nurse  is not restricted  to dressing, giving medication, injections  and offering support, as the past has indicated. In fact, presently the role of the nurse is one of advocate, caregiver, teacher, researcher, counsellor, and case manager. The role of the nurse is boundless and in our health care system it’s importance is  essential  in providing quality and holistic care.

Nursing has a traditionally caregiver role to assist the client physically, socially, spiritually and psychologically while maintain the client’s dignity. In order to become an effective care giver, the patient must be treated as whole. The role of Nurse, is vital in providing direct quality patient care and is greatly influenced by her attitude. By treating the patient as whole, the nurse can build trust between the nurse and client, thus promote healing and peace of this individual. A caregiver has to treat every person as an individual in order to deliver quality care and love.

However, the idea that nurses are nothing more than a supplementary asset for doctors is just one of the many preconceived notions that nurses have been facing for years.

Everyone think that Nursing profession is just an easier option to becoming a doctor. When can we escape from this? Probably not, and that’s beyond our control. But this irrational assumption has proved nothing through the years.

The nursing profession exists in response to the need of society and holds ideas related  to human health through out the life span. nurses direct their energies towards the promotion , maintenance and restoration   of health , the prevention illness, the alleviation of suffering and the ensurance of a peaceful death when life can no longer be sustained.

So what can we do about this? Plain and simple. If we are a nurse, then we should permit the title with pride. Not many people are capable of doing what you do, and even fewer are capable of doing it with the charisma and passion you do it with.

As a nurse we explore just some of ways our trust is delivery the C’S of nursing – compassion, communication, commitment, competency, courage and care. Care is our vital role and that of our organisations, and the care deliver by us helps the individual person and improves the health of the whole community. Caring shows our work which we do for patient. Throughout  every stage of life, people except the care to be right which they are receiving ,and consistently. The Compassion means help someone who is ill or sick and care the people with empathy, respect and dignity – it can also be described as intelligent kindness, and is central to how people perceive their care. Competence means all those in caring roles must have the ability to understand an individual’s health and social needs and the expertise, clinical and technical knowledge to deliver effective care and treatments based on research and evidence. Communication is vital to successful caring relationships and to effective team working. Listening is as important as what we say and do and essential for “no decision about me without me”.. Courage is an important attribute in nursing which permit us to do the things which are right  for the people we care for, to speak up when we have concerns and to have the personal strength and vision to innovate and to embrace new ways of working. A commitment to our patients ,society and community is a keystone of our action. We have to be commitment to improve the care of our patients, to take action to make this initiative a reality for all and meet the health, care and support challenges in future.

Nursing provides opportunity for you to commit to life long learning and career development to provide patients the state of the art care they need. Career roles are specific employment positions or paths. Because of increasing opportunities for nurses, the growth of nursing as a profession , and a greater concern for job enrichment , the nursing profession offers expanded roles and different kinds of career opportunities.

Just always remember that we, nurses, are unique. We have the power to promote comfort and relieve strife. Many times we nurses are honour with the pleasure of seeing quick results of our kind-hearted actions. The true benefits of nursing are felt in our minds and hearts. Does not matter how hard we try, only a nurse can truly acknowledge and appreciate the immensity of our job.

“Its a privilege to care for the sick. it is an honour to be present when humans are brought in to this life and when they leave”

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