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Hostel Accommodation with SGT University

Finding the right accommodation is a critical component of a peaceful college life. You want a place that can isolate you from all the distractions of the world and, at the same time, provide a sense of community and camaraderie that is different from what you find at your university.

Our hostel accommodations keep all possible perspectives of a student and their physical and mental well-being in mind. There is no detail that has been skimped on, and every service, facility, and piece of equipment provided is top-notch and rare to falter. Our only goal is to make sure that when you choose to live with us, you don’t give a second thought to anything outside your program. Basically, a stress-free experience. 

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What exactly do we expect from you?

One thing that we’re absolutely firm on is that accommodation is a service and not a right. All students who reside here are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the university’s standards of decorum. Every action is closely watched, and any violations result in fines, penalties, or other sanctions. 

To find out more about hostel rules and regulations, you can take a look at the page here 

What Exactly do you get from us?


We can take care of you!

At the end of the day, staying away from home is a tough decision for most students. The uncertainty and anxiety can only be understood by someone who has lived through the same. But rest assured, if you do choose to stay at our campus hostels, we will be there for you in every capacity we can. You are our first priority, as both a student and a resident.

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Healthy Meals

Fresh, nutritious meals prepared daily, supporting a balanced student diet

Campus WiFi

High-speed, reliable Wi-Fi across the campus for seamless learning


24/7 stringent security measures ensure the safety of every resident

Open Rooms

Comfortable, airy accommodations promote a homely feel and effective study


A vast collection of books and resources for academic success


Well-equipped gyms fostering health and fitness for all students

The hostel life of SGT University is in itself a fantastic learning experience. SGT University’s hostel sees students from diverse communities, religious beliefs, and cultures living in liberal, safe and secure hostels. SGT University has separate hostels for Boys and Girls and ensures a comfortable stay for the students during the tenure of their stay. 

SGT Hostels have an uninterrupted power supply 24×7, round-the-clock security, warm and hygienic food, sports facilities, in-house stationery and grocery stores, dedicated gyms, Wi-Fi, fast food restaurants and medical facilities at SGT Hospital. 

ParticularsCategoryLoaGingBoarding* Total
Two SharingACINR 1,34000/-INR 66,000/-INR 2,00000/-
Three SharingACINR 1,14000/-INR 66,000/-INR 1,80000/-
Four SharingACINR 74,000/-INR 66,000/-INR 1,40000/-

* Yearly


Students admitted to the hostel are assumed to be a prudent person, having sufficient maturity to enable them to live in an adult environment. Such living involves full respect for the rights of others, regard for self-discipline, high standard of honesty, and enviable moral conduct. These regulations have been framed not to restrict the conduct of individuals but to ensure that a multitude of students should live and work harmoniously together with the minimum of discord.

  1. Hostel residence is optional for all categories of students except Junior Residents (MD/MS Students), for whom it is compulsory.
  2. For payment of Hostel Fee, the Academic Session will be considered from 01st August to 31st July of next year for annual mode programs and from 01st August to 31st January of next year for semester mode programs. If any student secure admission after 01st August and joins the hostel will be required to pay the fee from that particular month to 31st January or 31st July of next year as applicable.
  3. Partial Hostel fee will not be accepted by the University.
  4. Once paid, the hostel fee will neither be refundable nor transferable.
  1. The Hostel fee will be charges on the pattern of particular programs
  2. On completion of the course, those who join the Internship shall shift immediately to the hostel, marked specially for Interns without any
  3. All the hostellers who proceed for vacation or outside the University shall deposit the key of their room with the respective Hostel
  4. Hostel accommodation (if available) will be provided to the students for a period equal to the duration of the concerned course. However, if a student fails in the year-end examination (two semesters) and, hence, is not promoted to the next higher classes as per the provisions of the course ordinance, he/she shall not be allowed to stay in the
  5. Up-gradation of hostel room is allowed if available and permitted, subject to clearance of difference of charges. Furthermore, this facility can only be availed once in each academic
  6. Students seeking admission to the hostel shall apply separately on the prescribed form which is available on ERP/online.
  7. Each hostel resident should bring one lock (with three keys), dustbin and a bucket with a mug for his/her personal These items will not be provided by the University.
  8. Once allotted, rooms cannot be changed by hostel residents unless permitted Furthermore, request for room allocation with a specific location or partner(s) cannot be assured.
  1. Each hostel resident shall enter leave details in the ‘Movement Register’ kept in the
  2. Hostel residents must show their Hostel Identity Card if so required by any officer of the University at any point of
  3. All the hostellers must take permission for leaving the hostel through ERP only and before leaving the campus, the hosteller must get endorsed the out time at Security Gate otherwise will be liable for disciplinary action as per the rules of the University. On working days, no permission to leave the hostel will be granted unless the student has obtained written permission from the parent/local Movement plan is mandatory for leaving the hostel; if a student is not reporting consistently for 3 days then the matter shall be reported by the respective warden to the hostel committee/concerned HOD/Dean.
  4. If any hostel resident provides false information about his/her night stay out of the hostel, it will be considered as an act of indiscipline and will, warrant penal
  5. Hostel residents are permitted to watch TV located in the Common Room of the hostel until 10.00 M.
  6. Attendance in the hostel will be recorded using the biometric system. Those who are found out of the room after the specified time will be marked absent. If any student is found absent from the room during a surprise check at night, the matter will be reported to the Hostel Committee for further necessary disciplinary action, as per the hostel rules and
  7. Ragging and/or harassment of any kind to other students is strictly Necessary disciplinary action shall be taken against the offenders as per the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s guidelines on ragging.
  8. Possession or consumption of drugs/alcoholic drinks/tobacco in any form/any other intoxicant or possession of any kind of ammunition/weapon of assault/fire-arm is strictly prohibited in the hostel and on University campus. Those, who are found to be involved in such activities, will be expelled from the hostel and the matter will be further reported to the District administration/police.
  9. Association of any hostel resident with any unlawful organization is strictly If a hostel resident is found/reported to be involved in such activities by the University, the concerned hostel resident will be expelled from the hostel.
  10. Use of electrical appliance of any kind is not permitted, except the room cooler during the summer months (April to September). Lights & fans should be switched off and water taps shut off when these are not in use.
  11. Consumption of 50 units per month/per student for non-air-conditioned rooms and 100 units per month/per student for air-conditioned rooms is free, subject to modifications by the competent authority. The charges exceeding the permissible limit will be shared by all the occupants on a pro-rata basis and charged
  12. Misuse of mobile phones in any manner including MMS, activities amounting to cybercrime and viewing of questionable websites in the campus is strictly
  13. Washing & drying of the clothes is not permitted except in the dedicated washing and drying area in each
  14. Hanging of clothes in the balcony is not
  15. Hostel residents are advised not to keep valuables with them in the room. Such items, if any, should be locked in their respective cupboards or any other safe place for The university shall bear no responsibility for the loss of such personal belongings.
  1. Each hostel resident shall be responsible for the furniture and the electrical fittings provided in his/her room. He/she should get his/her room checked for furniture, fittings & fixtures at the time of allotment and hand over the charge of the same along with the room key while vacating the room to the Warden.
  2. In case of damage to any building, furniture or other university property, the cost of repair and/or replacement along with the appropriate penalty will be levied on those found to be immediately responsible. But, if the individual(s) causing the damage is unidentifiable, the cost of repair and penalty charge shall be recovered from all the residents of the hostel/block/room on a pro-rata
  3. While vacating the room, the resident must ensure that bills of all services availed by him/her are duly paid for speedy settlement of caution money. Submission of ‘No Dues Certificate’ on the prescribed form is
  4. The University reserves the right to open any room whenever
  5. Hostellers will not be allowed to keep their vehicles in the campus (except PG students of Medical and Dental).
  6. Hostel residents are required to divulge information if they have any medical problem(s) or are allergic to any medicine,
  7. If any hostel resident(s) is suffering from a communicable disease or any other disease which requires constant medical attention, he/she shall vacate the hostel unconditionally and immediately on knowing the disease/ailment.
  8. In case of any emergency/hospitalization, the University will contact the parents/local guardian of the hostel resident to inform them of the situation and take their advice. In the scenario where, due to any reason, the parent/local guardian could not be contacted, then the decision(s) made by the University will be final and acceptable by the parents/local guardian. All expenses incurred for the resident’s treatment will be borne by the parents/local guardian.
  9. Hostel Committee will appoint one or more student ‘prefect(s)’ based on academic merit/conduct/discipline to maintain harmony among the residents and the warden(s).
  10. Hostel residents are permitted to entertain their guest(s)/local guardian/parents in the Visitor’s Room of the hostel only as per following visiting schedule:

Weekdays               : 05.00 P.M. to 07.00 P.M. Sundays/Holidays : 10.00 A.M. to 07.00 P.M.

However, in exceptional circumstances, parents may be allowed to visit their wards out of visiting hours with the prior permission of the Warden.

  1. No other individual(s) other than the hostel residents and university staff are allowed to enter the hostel premises.
  2. Parents/local guardians/guests are not permitted to stay overnight in the
  3. The hostel residents are required to take their meal(s) in the mess only. The timings of meals shall be strictly At present, the timings are as follows:
    • Breakfast

Working Days                             : 07.45 A.M. to 08.45 A.M. Sundays and Holidays : 08.00 A.M. to 09.00 A.M.

(b)      Lunch                               :         01.00 P.M. to 02.00 P.M.

(c)      Dinner                              :         07.45 P.M. to 08.45 P.M.

  1. No hostel resident is permitted to take meal(s) in the hostel premises/room(s). However, in case of illness, this may be allowed with the permission of the hostel
  1. The hostel residents must be dressed properly while going to the mess. They are not allowed in shorts or similar attire in the mess/campus.
  2. The food in mess will be served in buffet style. Wastage in any form should be
  3. Defaulting hostel residents shall be liable to fines/penalties for violation of rules as prescribed by the University (see point 44 for more details).
  4. An appeal against fines/penalties/other actions shall lie with the vice-chancellor who will have full authority to reject the appeal or reduce, enhance or modify the action taken by the competent
  5. The hostel rules are subject to change from time to time with the approval of the competent
  6. Maintenance of discipline is a prerequisite for admission to the hostels of SGT University, Gurugram. The defaulting hostel residents shall be liable to the following fines/penalties for violation of rules:



Act of Indiscipline

Fine/Penalty for Each Act of Indiscipline

Competent Authority to Take Action


Changing   of   hostel                 room without permission

Rs 5000/-

Warden with the approval of the concerned Dean


Damage to hostel property

Rs         5000/-          +

replacement of the damaged          item(s) along with installation/ service charges

Warden with the approval of the concerned Dean in case of Hostel


Taking meal out of the mess

Rs. 5000/-

Warden with the approval of the Dean


Unauthorized stay of any outsider in the hostel

Rs         5000/-             & disciplinary action

Warden with the approval of the concerned Dean


Use of drugs/alcohol in the hostel

Rs   10000/-       &       legal action

Warden with the approval of the concerned Dean


Misconduct—uncivilized/ objectionable/unwarranted behavior/causing disturbance    to    others                     in Hostel

Rs 5000/-

Warden with the approval of the concerned Dean


Fighting with or assault on another person in the hostel

Rs 5000/- + offender

will be handed over to the Police

Warden with the approval of the concerned Dean


The student without proper dress in Mess

Rs 1000/-

Warden with the approval of the concerned Dean


Use of prohibited electrical appliances in the hostel

Rs 5000/- and confiscation of the appliances

Warden with the approval of the concerned Dean


Playing of loud music and use of loudspeakers in the hostel

Rs 5000/-

Warden with the approval of the concerned Dean


Cooking in the hostel room

Rs 5000/-

Warden with the approval of the concerned Dean


Going out of hostel without


Rs 5000/-

Warden with the approval

of the concerned Dean


Coming late from an outing or absenting from the hostel

for the night

Rs 5000/-

Warden with the approval of the concerned Dean


Home        leave                without


Rs 1000/- per day

Warden with the approval

of the concerned Dean


Celebration   in   the                 hostel without              permission              and/or

beyond permitted hours

Rs 2000/-

Warden with the approval of the concerned Dean



Rs    5000/-    +        legal


Warden with the approval

of the concerned Dean


Gambling/indulgence in any

immoral activity.

Rs.         5000/-              +

Disciplinary action

Warden with the approval

of the concerned Dean


Over     speeding     in            the


Rs. 5000/-

Concerned Dean


Missing classes without permission/Loitering around in the campus/using the playgrounds/sitting in the canteen during teaching hours without proper


Rs. 2000/-

Concerned Dean