Innovative Pedagogy

Innovativeness of the pedagogical environment

The Center shall foster a highly innovative pedagogical environment that shall enable highly beneficial learning and knowledge transactions. There are multiple ways in which this shall be made to happen:

a) The Nature of the Knowledge Offerings.

The Center shall rely on a multiple methodology as well as a highly interactive pedagogy to transmit and offer knowledge. However, all of this will have a strong mentoring base comprising several layers of mentors arranged according to levels of competence and experience and ranging from the most basic to the advanced. There shall also be several public interests led projects and activities. The details of these public interest projects are outlined below but suffice it to say that these shall vary in time and content depending on the nature of the projects. The modules-based courses shall be offered with average duration of about 4 weeks per module. The modules can be stacked up to create greater levels of depth or arranged in lateral fashion to create breadth. Each module shall carry its own pedagogical stamp and connections/synergy with other modules bearing in mind that the learner shall have freedom to move in a particular direction of knowledge acquisition or expertise. The overall pedagogical philosophy is that of group activity based, mentored and peer led learning, and connected to the real world.

b) An Online Library and Resource Centre.

This center shall also have online resource where after trawling, aggregating and curating in a systematic and intelligent manner the vast amount of open content that is currently available on the net, shall be made available for the use of the students enrolled. This content shall be organized, mixed, enriched and directed, to be used in various ways for the learning and enrichment of all students. This can be done in innumerable ways depending on the needs and requirements of the learning program that is to be offered. The resources can range from YouTube videos, links to websites and blogs, interactive websites, textual material, general talks, contributions by students, mentors, the public at large and online peer groups (that are available for assistance and group learning) to enable the learner.

c) Creating a Student Led Learning Platform

This simply translates into the fact that the learning platform shall be based on the keenness of the students to lead the learning through activities and discussions that are being created and guided by enlightened mentors through:
  • For public interest led projects
it must be clarified that there cannot be a fully standardized method for the conduct of the projects but it must be said that this activity of the Center shall also create a student/participant led platform that shall be guided and mentored by individuals that are best qualified or suited for the activity. As a simple illustration, if the project is dealing with creating innovative ways of producing renewable energy, there will be mentors who have had some experience and expertise but not to prescribe; to actually encourage and recognize great ideas and put in place projects that shall be monitored to see their efficacy over a period of time and to also connect different sources of ideas together for better performance.
  • For online modular courses where the mentor steers the class through material and encourages learning through peer-to-peer interactions and through group-based projects that are connected to real world situations.
    • The online modular courses shall be continuously available on the platform of the center shall be subject to constant updating, editing and evolution.
  • Live classroom chats that shall also be available to all learners
  • Group projects-where students shall, turn by turn, make presentations-on topics emanating from online classes and chats. These shall be short duration projects that are intimately connected with the subject matter of the project.
  • Discussion groups that are encouraged to arrive at insights and learning through mentored discussions.
  • Unique longer-term innovation-oriented projects that shall have implications for and shall also be centered round problems and challenges affecting through group based, hands on, trans-disciplinary and time bound projects.