Dr Padam Singh Research & Development SchemeInstitute of Applied Statistics launched a scheme in the honour of Dr Padam Singh, ADG, ICMR, in 2018.

The main goal of the scheme is to provide a quality education through experienced and renowned national faculties from different prestigious organisations at a minimal cost.

This is a non-profit scheme for developing statistical and research thinking among academicians. Therefore, the program will be conducted in a subsidised manner, proceeds from which will be utilised to develop the scheme. 

Since the scheme’s launch, we have continued to give training to medical professionals, with over 10,000 professionals educated and serving more than 150 medical colleges to date. As of now, the scheme is working in a decentralised manner by establishing Joint State Training Centre at Medical colleges in various states. 

This would help us reach and serve more and more professionals in an easy and accessible way.

Joint State Training Centre, SGT University (Delhi-NCR Region):

The centre was inaugurated by Dr Padam Singh himself on the 4th of March, 2022, and was followed by a two-day workshop- Introductory course on Research Methodology and Biostatistics

Our State Training Centre, Research, will organise more workshops addressing various aspects of research methods and basic and advanced Biostatistics in the near future.

Also, as a State Training Centre, we are entitled to organise various workshops under Dr Padam Singh’s Research & Development Scheme in all the other medical colleges in the state. All the health care institutes are most welcome to join hands and promote the Research activities at their centre.


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The workshops will be conducted by Joint State Training Centre at different Medical /Paramedical /Nursing /Dental Colleges all over the state to enhance statistical knowledge and research by conducting different training programs and workshops. 

Prof. Dr Shalini Garg is the (State Coordinator) of the programme. 

Contact Us for more information at +91-9215668621

The registration fee for two days workshop is as follows:

Rs. 1180/- (Including 18% GST)  where, Registration fees include Tuition fees, Workshop stationery, Study Material, and other workshop expenses.

The list of workshops is attached in the ANNEXURE-I.