Let Us Know Psychology

Let Us Know Psychology

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Psychology is a body of knowledge where behavior is at the core of it. It is always a matter of curiosity for science to unfold the story of human development and evolution with regard to physical and behavioral dimensions. In this context, the science has done a tremendous task of revealing many mysteries during the course of scientific investigations. Mysteries of man have always been as intriguing as that of nature. Disproving the myths and stating the facts are one of the most important roles of the scientific community. Basically, the research is the only exploration of the existing facts. However, combining existing elements and getting new effects for the benefit of mankind is also an important objective of the scientific research. It is research because of it re-search. For human behavior, there has been several myths and mysteries and the explanations of the same are so varied that cultural impact in this regard is quite visible. Psychology has also traveled through this course of history and has been punctuated by many socio-cultural indices. Contemporary psychology is more of a blend of important scientific researchers and underlying explanations of typical pure psychology. It makes psychology distinct. The study of behavior is dealing with so many interactive factors that consequent outcome of behavior sometimes seems to be unpredicted. This is a subject-specific nature. But this, in any case, does not put psychology in a dim light. It is rather a challenge to the psychologists to still go further and improve their techniques of the study of behavior. Though the very nature of its subject matter, human behavior, is very complex and changeable and hence the outcome sometimes does not confirm the prediction. A single unit of behavior is not only a result of interconnections of billions of neurons but of all cognitive structures at mental level with emotions and motivations also playing a detrimental role. So it not like a simple mathematical calculation but even many more times than that. The intensity of mental processes involved in this is so varying that each time the sum of these has some different outcome.

With all this in the background, the behavior is not totally unpredictable. Behavioral scientists are doing a lot of research with latest techniques to explore the intricacies of behavior. These efforts have put psychology in lime lights. A continuous growth of society is bringing about related changes in the parameters of psychological world. Therefore, it is a matter of perpetual efforts to evaluate the impact of ever-growing societal changes on human psychology. This will go with the speed of social growth as such. In recent years the multidimensional growth of technology is changing the socio-cultural colors in various areas and psychology, being closely associated with all this, cannot remain unaffected. A comparative study in this regard would make the things clearer.

Lifestyle is changing and so the psychological processes in their nature. This change is inevitable and therefore, related changes in human psyche would also be taking place. It is a herculean task to identify a cause and effect relationship between these two. It is something very closely linked and mutually affecting. Although it is an all time story but in the fast-changing world of present era these changes posing more challenges to understanding the sequence of cause and effect. With all this, the picture is complex but really very interesting for behavioral scientists. The very nature of human behavior is markedly showing changes at several levels including individual and social. The human value system, competition, attitudes, perceptions, adjustment, motivation, virtues, cognition, and many other related dimensions of behavior are changing.

At present the social evolution has reached to such a juncture that concerns for mental health are also increased. In fact, there is a great need of sensitizing the people for the very concept of mental health and informing them about the importance of the same. Management of mental health should be a regular feature of human life and the awareness in this regard will help to maintain a society where human potentials are used in a best-imagined way. Psychology is the main discipline which caters the need of human mental health with psychological interventions and in-depth scientific knowledge of behavior. The role of psychology would be expanding with growing awareness about mental health and also the increasing trust of general masses in behavioral medicines, which is a specialized branch for using behavioral interventions for the treatment of behavioral disorders. Sound mental health with proper care of human resource would ensure an ideal social environment and general growth. Understanding and knowledge of the mental health, therefore, is the primary requirement. Psychology, specifically clinical psychology, is the most important in this regard.



Dr. N.K.Chandel,

Department of Clinical Psychology,

Faculty of Behavioural Sciences,

SGT University, Gurugram



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