Life @ SGTU

SGT University is designed to provide an immersive learning experience to its students, both inside and outside the classroom.  A residential campus, located on the outskirts of India’s capital, SGT University has a tranquil environment, ideal for learning and self-discovery. With students from 22 states, the University is like a microcosm of India with a welcoming and supportive community that reflects the country’s diversity in culture, talent, and perspectives. To support its ambitious mission of nurturing the next generation of leaders, SGT University fosters a respectful campus culture, where students are encouraged to engage in intellectual debates, develop talents, challenge conventional wisdom and experiment with new ideas. The University provides its students with all the resources needed to organize and pursue a range of academic and recreational interests through clubs, societies, activities and entrepreneurial projects.
Centres of Excellence and Multi-Disciplinary Research 
In the context of SGT University, Centers of Excellence are consortia of SGT University academics, industry experts and member companies that augment knowledge and industry practices in ‘the areas of expertise’. Winning companies and their leaders often report that part of their success comes from shaping and expanding their expertise and insight by learning, sharing and engaging with others. These centers foster and support this very spirit of knowledge creation, insight and implementation. Member companies take the topic of their interest; the Center facilitates, participates and expands the thought leadership. SGT University encourages the development of Centers of Excellence so that they can become a focal point of SGT University’s research effort and promotion. These centers promote multi-disciplinary academic as well as practice-oriented research and encourage the formation of strong research groups to help recognizing true excellence in research and having high impact on various stakeholders.