Mission and Philosophy


The True Meaning and Purpose of Education

The only meaning and purpose of education is to enable each individual young mind to discover their true calling in life. This true calling can be defined as their inner drumbeat or passion. The student begins to get educated, when after discovering their inner drumbeat, they are able to march in the real world in harmony with this inner drumbeat or calling in life i.e. when they begins to put into practice their passion.

The Philosophy and Practice of the Center for Lateral Innovation Creativity & Knowledge (CLICK):

Knowledge in Action Leading to Personal Fulfilment
  • The CLICK is a highly innovative knowledge platform designed to allow each individual to discover their calling in life (inner drumbeat) by exposing the student, through various interactive ways and means, to the challenges and needs of society.
  • In pursuance of this discovery of the student’s inner drumbeat the Centre shall encourage and allow the young to be empowered and enabled through engagement with enjoyable, practical and relevant knowledge that is in harmony with the student’s inner drumbeat.
  • This shall happen through a creative technology platform that provides for mentored peer led learning merged with explorations of and adventures into the real world based on experiential knowledge connected to societal needs and challenges.
  • Thus each student shall be guided into putting into practice their inner and true passion.
  • The Centre seeks to redefine education as ‘knowledge in action for personal fulfilment’ through engagement with the society, its challenges, and needs.

Outcomes of the Philosophy of CLICK for Each Student

  • The very nature of the empowerment of the student through the Centre shall ensure that the student has evolved into a creative individual with practical and hands on knowledge.
  • In turn this is likely to enable the student to either find gainful and fulfilling employment or it shall assist them in setting up their own enterprise.
  • Thus, the Centre shall endeavour to not just create job seekers, but also job creators.

The Need for an ‘Out of the Box’ Digital and Technology Based Learning Platform

It has become increasingly clear that in most parts of the world the traditional systems of knowledge and learning are not delivering what is needed by large segments of society, are also breaking down in several ways, or are not as useful as they are supposed to be. Therefore, a good, innovative hands on and technology-based platform that is tuned to the needs and aspirations of the young can work wonders. The Center is designed to address all of the above concerns and needs. It shall achieve this aim by a series of activities and programmes that shall center round the needs and challenges of India and society at large. The young shall be exposed to these challenges and needs in engaging and hands on ways. They shall in turn be motivated by an inborn desire to tackle these challenges and even be inspired on a long term and sustained level. The learning platform of the Center shall be centered around nine well-recognized challenges and needs of India and of society in general. These nine challenges and needs are: 1) Alleviating Rural Poverty and Unemployment 2) Improving Standards of Public Health & Hygiene particularly in Rural and Backward Areas 3) Improving Public Transportation 4) Devising Clean Energy Resources and Technologies 5) Addressing Issues Related to Urban Slums 6) Improving Agricultural Production & Practices 7) Creating Better Means of Access to Enabling Education 8) Fostering a Culture of Innovation & Entrepreneurship through Information Technology for Societal Benefit 9) Fostering Social Innovation for Reducing Societal Problems Related to Poverty The entire orientation of the Center and its activities shall essentially be centered round these challenges. The courses and programmes of learning as well as the various complementary and supplementary activities shall be devised and offered in such a manner as to whet the learner’s appetite for knowledge in some of these challenges. However, through this interest of the learner, they shall also be exposed to a trans-disciplinary approach that shall implant in the learner knowledge about the topic/subject and the importance of a trans-disciplinary approach in learning about that topic/subject. These shall be blend of knowledge and activity.