Need of the Faculty

Need of the Faculty

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According to New Education Policy (2016), “The teacher is the fulcrum around which school education revolves; it is rightly said that an education system is as good as its teachers”. Indian society has accorded a great respect to the teacher since times immemorial. It has been said that parents are the first teachers and teachers are the second parents of a child. This places a lot of responsibility on the profession of teaching which is considered to be the noblest profession among all the professions. Therefore a person who wants to become teacher needs to be very sure of joining this profession as it demands high level of commitment and competencies. Here one needs to deal with the children who are considered to be future of the nation. Changes are taking place in the society at a very fast pace and education system has to come up with these changes accordingly. The family structure has also changed from joint families to nuclear families and parents are not able to give appropriate time to their children due to their professional commitments and timings. Here the role of teacher becomes even more important for childrens’ social and emotional development.

Teacher must have high expertise of his field and this could be achieved by a sound teacher education system. The history of teacher education in India is as old as the history of Indian education itself. There has been a great expansion of teacher education over the years. Earlier there used to be only State and charitable institutions for teacher training but with the rising demands of high profile teacher education, the private sector took a plunge into the teacher education system. The infrastructural, managerial and financial requirements coupled with tremendous pressure on total knowledge enterprise for teacher education has led to the evolution of private sector in this field. This has reduced the gap between demand and supply of teachers in the country. Strengthening of teacher education system is therefore a powerful means for the upliftment of education standards in the country.

SGT University is constantly working towards its mission of delivering quality education and preparing potential intellectuals in a number of disciplines. Faculty of Education is another feather in its cap which has been set-up w. e. f. the academic session 2016-17 and offers courses like B.Ed. and M.Ed. The main goal of Faculty of Education is to facilitate learning among the prospective teachers in such a way that when they enter into the profession of teaching they become encouraging, supportive and humane facilitators in teaching-learning situations who enables students to discover their talents, to realize their physical and intellectual potentialities to the fullest, to develop character and desirable social and human values to function as responsible citizens. Faculty of Education in SGT University is determined to provide the best teachers to the society. The need and importance of the Faculty of Education is summarized as follows:

  • To prepare prospective teachers who can organise the learning resources so that they may design and utilize a range of appropriate teaching-learning resources from environment, media, community etc.
  • To provide prospective teachers a sound knowledge of various learning theories and their educational implications in order to understand teaching-learning process in a better way.
  • To endow prospective teachers with the ability to deal with the identification, needs, interventions and assessment of children with special needs.
  • To make prospective teachers proficient in developing among students the qualities of democratic citizenship like co-operation, tolerance, commitment, responsibility and social justice among others.
  • To help the student teachers in understanding the concept, principles, construction and implementation of the curriculum according to the changing needs of the world and society.
  • To enable the prospective teachers to carry out evaluation in a comprehensive manner which places equal importance to the values, attitudes, disposition and habits along with the pedagogical and conceptual aspects.
  • To motivate student teachers for lifelong learning and continuous professional growth and development.
  • To encourage prospective teachers for keeping themselves abreast of the latest technological advancements in the field of education.

It is expected that after undergoing the courses of teacher education at Faculty of Education in our University prospective teachers would be able to inculcate the aforesaid competencies and skills in themselves and also they would be able to display these in the classroom to make the process of teaching-learning effective and disseminate the same among younger generations. This would further enhance the quality of school education and help develop all round personality of the learners.


Prof Indira Dhull

Dean, Faculty of Education


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