Celebrates National Toothbrushing Day 2020

7 November 2020

Blind Relief  Association(Peripheral Dental Centre), New Delhi

Department of Public Health Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Sciences, SGT University in collaboration with Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry is celebrating a National Toothbrushing Day. November 7th of every year is observed as National Toothbrushing Day in India under the aegis of Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry (IAPHD) to enforce the importance of educating every member of the society about brushing technique and also educating the importance of oral health and maintaining good oral hygiene.
As part of this year’s celebrations, this program will be carried out in Blind Relief Association, New Delhi which is a Peripheral Dental Centre of our Department. The department of Pediatrics Dentistry & Pedodontics postgraduates will also contribute for oral health welfare of kids.
Following activities will be conducted in Blind Relief Association:

  1.  Oral health education about maintaining good oral health
  2.  Demonstration of proper brushing technique
  3.  Distribution of Toothbrush and toothpaste to all students and staff
  4.  Oral Health Check-up

Also, at another outreach location Dental Unit, SGT Medical Hospital, SGT University; the same drive will also be executed. Toothbrush and toothpaste samples sponsored by Head of Department & Colgate Palmolive India Pvt Ltd will be distributed to all the people visiting the centers.
Team Public Health Dentistry are doing their bit and request every member of the society the following:

Each One Teach One
Spread Million Smiles
Come let’s spread the knowledge of good oral health

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