Chamba Trip

Chamba is a small hamlet situated down the foothills of Garhwal Himalayas. Cool weather and serene environment makes it an apt tourist destination and a charming Himalayan hill station.
SGT University, Gurgaon organised office trips for its non-teaching staff on May 4 and May 12, 2019 to Chamba. It was a delightful piece of news for the staff members and came as a respite from the hot summer days of Delhi-NCR region and the mundane office routine.
As the trip finally rolled out, everyone was sweating and was apprehensive if the trip would turn out to be as delightful as it sounded. However, once the excursion started, the fears and uneasiness melted away.
After stopping over midway for a late night dinner in a local dhaba, and crossing over several towns and cities of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, more noticeably, Hardwar and Rishikesh , we gradually , but finally arrived our destination that is Chamba. Tall trees and cool climate welcomed us as we entered the Garhwal hamlet. Mother Nature seemed to wear her best attire and looked her charming best. As the buses, (there were 6 of them), carrying the staff entered the premises of ‘Classic Hotels’, a popular chain of hotels which was our resting point, we knew an exciting two day adventure awaited us.
The first day I would call was the day of exploration. Everyone was curious. Some people preferred to discover the charms of nature and went sightseeing to areas around the hotel, while others decided to make a splash in the hotel swimming pool. The morning hours were followed by a short trip to nearby eco-park- ‘Amber’. On returning, a hot succulent lunch awaited the staff members. A relaxing afternoon siesta followed and the hills seemed to standstill with us. During the evening hours, as night crept in, a beautiful flaming bonfire invited us and a bonfire party rolled in. Foods, drinks and dance, party hours were quite relaxing and enjoyable.
After the night party, a rainy morning started the day. It was the day of return. The journey back home was interrupted by a small stop to ‘Tehri Dam’- the highest dam in India and a local pahadi shopping place where staff members bought few local goods. The journey continued. Midway, the city of Hardwar arrived, where everyone got to take a dip in the Holy water of Ganges. The bus trip again started and after a drive of approximately 10 hours, we finally returned back and arrived within the SGTU campus.
Callous, and carefree, it was a brief but highly enjoyable trip. It was a date, SGT staff members would remember in the days to come, a date with nature.

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