CNIR Organising One Week FDP Program of Professional & Technical Programs

[12 October – 12 December 2020]
STEM impacts nation and national building. But it is also true that it is Social Sciences that provide deep insights into society- its functions, roles, problems, and maladies it faces. The direction and tonality of science and technology, the thrust areas which ought to be pursued are actually set by the social sciences. The deep analysis and communication of technologies can remain unreachable to grassroots and masses if social scientists do not provide these foundations, directions, and insights.

Had the agriculture extension workers not transferred these technologies from lab to land (farms), the innovations in agriculture and other fields undertaken by the scientists and engineers would not have reached our farmers. Further, the improvement in the technologies would not have occurred if the feedback had not come from these land or farms back to these laboratories. Societal welfare and progress are the hallmark of scientific development and discoveries.

Innovations and transfer of technologies do not occur in isolation. The socio-economic-demographic situations impact both their production and usage. It is important that technologies must have humans and societies at their core. Teachers are nation builders involved in the process of human-making. They have to be aware, enlightened and sensitive to the needs of their students, society and nation. In the training of teachers and faculty, capacity needs to be developed wherein along with being good academicians, researchers, innovators, they are also sensitive to various socio-economic-demographic issues and challenges.

The proposed Faculty Development Programme aims at providing exposure and development of some of the requisite knowledge, attitudes and skills related to social issues. Considering the ongoing pandemic COVID-19, it also focuses on the transaction of the newly acquired knowledge using the latest online technologies for teaching and assessments.

Keeping the above issues in mind, the following themes and issues would be taken up for the capacity building of teachers of professional and technical disciplines at the University.


Program Schedule


S. No Time Topic

Name of Resource Person

Inaugural Session: 12.30 -1.00 PM on 12th October 2020.
(To be attended online by all faculty members of SGTU)

12 – 10-2020 Session 1 1.00-2.30 Communication Skills Dr. Shikha Kapoor,DACEE
Jamia Millia Islamia
Session 2 2.30- 4.00 Professional
Development of Staff
in Higher Education
Prof. Anisur Rahman,
Director UGC- HRDC
Jamia Millia Islamia
13 – 10-2020 Session 3 1.00-2.30 National Education
Policy – 2020
Dr. Ratnam Mishra,
Session 4 2.30- 4.00 Migration and
Development: Global
Prof. Binod Khadria, SGTU
14 – 10-2020 Session 5 1.00-2.30 MOOCs/ Development
of e-content.
Prof. Kasim, MCRC,
Session 6 2.30- 4.00 Human Rights Prof. A. R. Vijapur,
AMU, Aligarh
15 – 10-2020 Session 7 1.00-2.30 Gender Sensitization Dr. Reem Asraf,
NCAER, New Delhi
Session 8 2.30- 4.00 Social Exclusion &
Inclusive Policy
Prof. Badrinarayan,
Director, GB Pant
Social Science Institute,
16 – 10-2020 Session 9 1.00-2.30 Multiculturalism Dr. Niharika Tiwary,
Government P G
College, Saidabad,
Session 10 2.30- 4.00 Quality research
Prof. A. M. Khan,
Social Scientist
17 – 10-2020 Session 11 1.00-2.30 Challenges for Women
in Higher
Dr. Aarti Srivastava,
Associate Professor
Session 12 2.30- 4.00 NEP 2020 and
Language Issue
Prof. Minati Panda,

Valedictory Session: 4:00 pm to 4:45pm 12th December 2020
(To be attended by all faculty members of SGTU)


Evaluation of Participants

The selected participants will be evaluated on the following basis:
Write up on Learning Outcome 25
Project Formulation 25
Multiple Choice Questions 25
Holistic Approach 25
Total 100

The grade would be as follows:

A+:  85 Percent and above
A: 70 Percent to less than or equal to 84 percent
B: 60 Percent to less than or equal to 69 percent
C: 50 Percent to less than or equal to 59 percent
F: Below 49 Percent


Prof. Anisur Rahman Prof. Binod Khadria
Professor & Director Distinguished Professor & Director
UGC-HRDC Centre for New Initiatives and Research
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi SGT University, Gurgaon, Delhi, NCR.
Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]

Technical Assistants

Dr. Ansari .P. A. Ms. Muskan Mustaqeem
ICSSR Post-Doctoral Researcher PhD Scholar
Centre for West Asian Studies Centre for West Asian Studies
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi


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