Corona Virus Precautions: Namaste is Better Than Handshake

2019 Novel Coronavirus epidemic, originating from China has spread globally outside China with high fatality. A growing number of cases are being reported from India. An awareness program on “2019-Novel Coronavirus” was organized by the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, SGTU for the non-teaching staff and healthcare workers of SGTU. The event was attended by about 300 people.

At the outset Dr. Sansar Chand Sharma, Dean, FMHS, SGTU apprised the audience on the need of such awareness and necessary timely measures that healthcare personnel at SGTU can adapt to tackle the threat. Dr. Anita Chakravarti, Professor & Head, Department of Microbiology, updated the audience on the 2019-Novel Coronavirus and its pathogenesis. Dr. DPS Sudan, Professor & Head, Department of Pulmonary Medicine spoke on the predominant clinical symptoms and care of patient. Dr. Tanisha Bharara, Department of Microbiology covered the Coronavirus testing centres in India. Dr. Madhulekha Bhattacharya, Professor & Head, Department of Community Medicine, highlighted the epidemiological features of COVID-19. A panel discussion was held involving experts viz. Dr. SPS Kochar, Medical Superintendent, SGT hospital, Dr. Shobha Broor, Professor Emeritus, SGTU, Dr. Anita Chakravarti and Dr. Madhulekha Bhattacharya. This interactive discussion was moderated by Dr. Sansar Chand Sharma, Dean, FMHS. The audience asked various questions during the discussion which were duly answered by the panelist.


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