“Criminology and Its Significance in Forensic Investigations”

Organizer: Faculty of Science
Date:  18 December, 2020

Criminology deals with the study of crime from a social perspective, including examining who commits crimes, why they commit crimes, after-effects of such crimes, and how to prevent crimes. Moreover, Forensic Science is the science of investigation where the scientists and forensic experts work to examine the evidence at the scene of a crime and provide their linkage with crime and the criminal. The investigation becomes more significant when these two areas, ‘Criminology’ and ‘Forensics’ combine together to not only identify the criminal but also to make an effort to eradicate that crime from society.

The main objective of the ‘Expert Talk’ is to focus on the significance of the criminological sciences in forensic investigations so that students can see more opportunities in the area of criminology as well as being a forensic expert.

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