Farewell First Batch of BHM Faculty of Hotel & Tourism Management

Adorned with mesmerizing renderings, the first batch of BHM from Faculty of Hotel & Tourism Management bid an emotional goodbye to their juniors on May 26th 2018. It was a splendid day spent by both seniors, juniors and Faculty Members. The seniors looked dapper in shades of blue and white to match with the theme “Aqua” and were welcomed with crowns and honoured with number 1 medallions. The juniors enthusiastically presented several performances for the seniors which created an ambience full with emotions.

The programme was followed by singing some beautiful songs, foot stepping Bhangra, a presentation of their journey of 4 Years of college life, ramp walk, and special address by the teachers among several others. Harish Rathi was unanimously chosen as Mr FH&TM for his positive attitude, excellent grades and participation in extra and co-curricular activities throughout his tenure as a student.

The seniors also shared their entire journey during the farewell and reciprocated the gesture by presenting a lifesize artwork to their teachers. Later, the students had a blast at the dance party where the seniors and juniors thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The party ended with lunch prepared and served by juniors.

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