Indo Universal Collaborates for Engineering Education

We at SGT University believe that academic/industry collaboration programs between the foreign universities and Indian institutions and organizations must aim at meeting the rapidly growing Indian educational needs by leveraging mutual capabilities.

A part of our core mission is to prepare our students to compete in the global economy. These collaboration programs contribute to that goal by giving students and faculty members an international experience and global perspectives.

As a member of Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE) will give our university the right interface for the benefit of emerging engineering graduates.

IUCEE is a network of more than 1000 faculty members and leaders from over 100 engineering colleges from all over India. The mission of IUCEE is to provide this ecosystem which will foster the employ-ability, entrepreneurship and leadership skill of engineering graduates. The IUCEE Consortium is a network of institutions forming the core of the ecosystem for the required transformation. These institutions value such an ecosystem by sharing, collaborating and contributing to it and making it financially sustainable. SGT University is pleased to be a part of this ecosystem.

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