Induction Program Day 2- Faculty of Fashion & Design

Induction Program Day 2

On the continuation of the induction program started with the briefing about fashion faculty members and their core area. Then students were asked to put their efforts on innovative sketches. The free mood sketches make them happy and one who understands the student’s hand flow on paper along with a pencil. The “centre for languages” shown presentation on communication skill and its basic needs. They have conducted a quick mode test on spoken language one by one and that has been scaled with certain parameters. Finally, the students were asked to fill out the form, which contains, grammar, article, vowels, correcting spelling, tense, vocabulary, voice-active & passive. This supportive documentation collected from the students for the purpose of level understanding. The chief librarian Mr Mukesh Bharti instructed the library rules and regulations. He has previewed the comprehensive list of Journals, Magazines, Books, online facilities etc. Followed by the library session CRC (corporate resource centre) branding in-charge Mr Hitesh Kakkar described the training benefits, a tie-up with renowned organization, industries and other related consultancies. The other hand a chief technical officer and IT controller Mr Rajneesh Wadhwa motivated the students as being a budding designer at SGT University. He explores the advancement of technology in the field of fashion and the new demandable opening platforms. Lastly, he advised to listen and learn from the faculty members to achieve the dream goal. The day session ended with a tiny prize distribution by the Dean for the innovative sketches.

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